Danelle Bergstrom Son

The internet wants to know who is the Australian artist Danelle Bergstrom’s son, Shannan, and daughter, Alexandra. Learn more about Danelle Bergstrom and her family’s background and achievements in this article.

Australian visual artist Danelle Bergstrom is renowned for creating stunning landscapes and exceptional portraits of notable national and international figures.

Further, born in Sydney, she attended Hunters Hill High School before later honing her craft at Julian Ashton Art School and earning a bachelor’s degree in Art Education from Alexander Mackie CAE.

Likewise, in the 1980s, Bergstrom began teaching art to high school students until finally deciding to pursue full-time artistic endeavors. Since then, she has held numerous solo exhibitions across Australia, Scandinavia, and Finland.

Bergstrom’s talent for portrait artistry is undeniable – reflected in her fifteen Portia Geach Memorial Portrait Prize finalist recognitions between 1993 and 2015, with five People Choice Awards victories to her name.

Furthermore, she has also received significant recognition for her work through other major awards like the Archibald Packing Room Prize and the Peoples Choice Award Norvill Art Prize.

Recently, she was honored with Afterglow, a retrospective career survey hosted by Bathurst Regional Art Gallery that displayed some of her most distinguished pieces spanning over two decades of artistic practice.

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Who Are Danelle Bergstrom Son Shannan And Daughter Alexandra

Danelle Bergstrom has two children, a son, Shannan, and a daughter, Alexandra, whom she raised in Sydney, Australia.

Also, Danelle painted two standout pieces, Alexandra’s Lullaby from 2003 and Shannan’s Gully, painted in 2015 as an ode to her kids’ unique personas. 

Information about the artist’s children isn’t extensively publicized. However, we know that Alexandra is also a mother, and in an Instagram post, Danelle congratulated her daughter on her very first Mother’s Day.

Danelle Bergstrom Son
Danelle Bergstrom son is Shannan, and daughter is Alexandra. (Source: Instagram)

In line with valuing family privacy highly, she maintains a low profile online by limiting social media interactions strictly to close acquaintances on private accounts.

Regardless of their nature towards maintaining privacy, otherwise, there is no denying the deep connection between Danelle and her kids.

As such, it’s clear that Danelle has not only excelled in raising two individuals but has also contributed immensely to the world of art.

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Danelle Bergstrom Family Background

Danelle Bergstrom comes from a family with a rich artistic and scientific background. Her mother, Natalie Bergstrom, was a commercial artist and sculptor, while her father, Leif Bergstrom, had Swedish roots.

Further, Danelle also has a sister named Dr. Dana Bergstrom, who is an Antarctic ecologist.

Apart from her family’s artistic and scientific pursuits, there is limited information available about Danelle’s family background. 

However, it is known that she has strong connections to Sweden and Finland and has spent time in both countries.

Danelle Bergstrom Son
Danelle Bergstrom comes from a family with a rich artistic and scientific background. (Source: Konstrundan)

In 1997, Danelle connected with her father’s family in Sweden and has since divided her time between Australia, Sweden, and Aland, Finland.

Despite the lack of information about her family’s background, Danelle’s diverse cultural experiences and exposure to different artistic and scientific fields have likely influenced her artistic style and approach.

Her connection to Sweden and Finland may have also inspired some of her works, adding depth and meaning to her artistic creations.

Overall, Danelle’s family background and experiences have likely played a significant role in shaping her career as an artist.

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