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Danica Weeks Wikipedia: A Netflix docuseries shows the life of Danica as she lost her husband in an MH370 crash in 2014.

Danica Weeks is a native of Napier, New Zealand, whose name came into the media prominence after being recognized as the wife of fellow Kiwi Paul Weeks. 

Sadly, Danica lost her husband in the MH370 crash. The plane that carried 238 passengers, including W Paul, was never found after it went missing on March 8, 2014.

A Netflix series named MH370: The Plane That Disappeared uses archives to reconstruct the night of the disappearance and investigates three of the most controversial theories about what might have happened.

Danica Weeks Wikipedia and Age

Danica Weeks was the wife of Kiwi Weeks, who died in the 370 Malaysian flight crash. Danica’s age has not been revealed, as her birth details remain a mystery.

As said earlier, Danica was a native of Napier, New Zealand, but she relocated to Noosa, Australia, just at the age of 10. Reportedly, she lived in Noosa when she first came across fellow Kiwi Paul Weeks. 

Danica and Paul fell in love shortly after knowing each other, and they later tied the knot and settled down around Perth. 

Danica Weeks Wikipedia
Danica Weeks was married to Paul Weeks, and they also gave birth to two kids. ( Source: ABC )

As we know, she was famous for being the wife of Paul. Paul was a skilled mechanical engineer working in the mining and construction industries for over two decades.

After his disappearance, Danica also became an advocate for the families of the other passengers and crew members and even set up a charitable foundation in her late husband’s memory.

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Danica Weeks Husband Paul Weeks: Their Family Life

Danica Weeks and her late husband, Paul Weeks, were married until his death in 2014. They also had a happy family of their own. Danica and Paul became parents for the first time in September 2010 after welcoming a son named Lincoln.

Likewise, the family of three was increased to four when Danica and her husband gave birth to another child named Jack in April 2013. The Weeks family faced a tragic incident in their life when they lost Paul in 2014.

Danica Weeks kids
Danica Weeks was photographed with her two children. ( Source: The Cairns Post )

On the day of the flight, Danica drove Paul to Perth International Airport, where he checked in for his flight to Beijing, China. From there, Paul was due to catch a connecting flight to Ulaanbaatar.

Not to mention, Paul was in good spirits, and they hugged and said their goodbyes before he bossed through security. Moreover, his wife Danica described Paul as a devoted husband and Father who loved spending most of his time with his happy family.

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Where Is Paul Weeks Wife Danica Weeks Now?

Paul Weeks wife, Danica Weeks, was sad to hear the news of her husband’s death. It is sure that she still misses her partner, but to some extent, she has moved on to live in New Zealand.

According to NZ Herald, Danica has already found love as she is married to Perth builder John Crinion. Danica and John tied the knot in February 2020 at a ceremony on the Sunshine Coast.

Danica Weeks Now
Danica Weeks is now married to Perth builder John Crinion. ( Source: The Courier Mail )

Danica’s son Lincoln played Here Comes the Bride on the piano while his other son Jack was the ring bearer. Regarding their relationship, Danica and John met on the dating site Harmony and got engaged in 2019.

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