Daniel Kolenitchenko Wikipedia

Daniel Kolenitchenko wikipedia: Daniel is a well-known entrepreneur from Russia who is best known as the owner and CEO of the Next Door Lounge.

Next Door Lounge is one of the most popular night club in the West Coast. The entrepreneur Daniel owns the lounge with his spouse.

It has been reported that the nightclub is located close to the Walk of Fame in a true sightseeing spot. The entrepreneurial couple has recently announced that they are selling The Next Door Lounge as soon as possible.

Due to this, the pair has come to the spotlight. Let’s get to know Daniel Kolenitchenko in this short piece.

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Daniel Kolenitchenko Wikipedia And Age

Daniel Kolenitchenko is a Russian entrepreneur. He is the owner and CEO of The Next Door Lounge and also The Pearl Group.

Mr. Kolenitchenko was born in 1983 in Russia. Thus, as of 2023, the Russian businessman is 40 years old.

Daniel emigrated to the United States with his wife, Oksana, and their kids in 2019. Mr. Kolenitchenko established a nightclub in Hollywood, the most popular West Coast area.

Daniel Kolenitchenko Wikipedia
Daniel Kolenitchenko moved to the U.S. with his wife and two children in 2019. (Image Source: Instagram)

He founded The Next Door Lounge in August 2018 before migrating to the U.S.

According to his short bio on The Pearl Group’s official website. Daniel has fifteen years of success in premium nightlife. The Russian entrepreneur’s roots are in producing events that stand out and uniquely connect with customers.

Daniel is a skilled leader who understands the dynamics of each target audience.

He integrates the emotional and financial aspects of high-end hospitality by learning the core skills at one of Europe’s most opulent five-star hotels and combining them with a business degree from a university.

Daniel believes location and marketing should come first, but execution and overall management will always be essential.

Daniel Kolenitchenko Wife, Oksana Kolenitchenko

Daniel Kolenitchenko shares a blissful marital life with his wife, Oksana Kolenitchenko.

Oksana was born in Moscow, Russia, on 10 October 1987, making her 35 years old as of 2023.

The lovely duo tied the knot in 2012. Since then, the Kolenitchenko pair have been happily together. In addition, they are blessed with two adorable children.

Daniel Kolenitchenko Wikipedia
Daniel and Oksana Kolenitchenko are the proud parents of two children. (Image Source: Instagram)

In addition to being an entrepreneur, Oksana is also involved in the film industry. The gorgeous lady is known for her role in Goodbye Deutschland. The smitten pair reportedly crossed paths as teenagers and have been together for over fifteen years.

Daniel Kolenitchenko Net Worth And Earnings

Daniel Kolenitchenko is a well-accomplished entrepreneur and businessman. Daniel, who was born in Russia, currently resides in the United States with his spouse, Oksana, and two children.

Daniel and Oksana established their nightclub, The Next Door Lounge, in L.A.’s party scene.

As reported by ZipRecruiter, even the nightclub server earns $45,131 as their annual income. Thus, Daniel must have amassed a hefty fortune as the owner and CEO.

Daniel and his wife, Oksana, recently announced they are selling The Next Door Lounge. “Time to say goodbye – although it is incredibly hard for me, we are finally selling the @nextdoorlounge at the earliest possible time,” wrote the pair.

Daniel and his spouse added last few years have been hard for them with ups and downs, the pandemic, and moving. Despite it all, the married duo did it all.

In recent years, the entrepreneurial couple’s club has become a staple of L.A. nightlife. Oksana and Daniel Kolenitchenko are leaving while the partying in the “Next Door Lounge” is still going all out.

With their kids, the two have relocated to Las Vegas, 434 kilometers distant. The Kolenitchenko pair are now under a five hours drive from their West Hollywood nightclub.

The couple revealed that they would sell their beautiful store for far less than market price with the option and support of getting green card/permanent residence status in the USA.

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