Daniel Pineda

UFC fans and viewers are curious to know the meaning of Daniel Pineda back tattoo and family after the fighter closed the edition of TTP with his interview.

Pineda talks about his unlucky absence from the octagon and his desire to return. At UFC San Antonio, The UFC athlete will face Tucker Lutz for his rankings.

Daniel, also known as “The Pit,” is ranked 39 while his opponent Tucker alias “Top Gun” is ranked 79 positions in the featherweight division.

The mixed martial artist, Daniel Pineda is a professional fighter from America who competes in the Featherweight category of the UFC Fighting Championship.

He has participated in competitions for the Professional Fighters League, Bellator, and EliteXC as a professional since 2007.

The Featherweight Champion of the Legacy Fighting Championship was held by the UFC fighter, Daniel.

With important victories over opponents like WEC veteran Frank Gomez, none of his matches with Legacy ended in decisions.

Pineda’s matches with Legacy Fighting Championships were usually thrilling, and at Legacy Fighting Championships 9, his final match with LFC before joining the UFC concluded in a Knockout via spinning back fist.

Daniel Pineda Back Tattoo Meaning

Daniel Pineda back tattoo has grabbed much attention from UFC fans as it is nothing like seen before.

Viewers are eager to know the actual meaning of the athlete Daniel Pineda back tattoo but the featherweight fighter has not talked about his tattoo in the media.

As per the appearance, Daniel Pineda back tattoo covers his whole spine and back with what appears to be a demonic face.

The tattoo seems to have great meaning in Daniel’s life as it covers most of his body and is inked with multiple colors.

Daniel Pineda back tattoo
Daniel Pineda back tattoo seems to be a demon. (Source: Reddit )

Talking about Pineda’s tattoo, the UFC fighter has inked in several parts of his body. The fighter has marked his right biceps with some inscriptions.

The UFC fighter also appears to have drawn a creature on his left shoulder. Furthermore, the MMA star has covered his whole left hand with tattoos from shoulder to wrist.

Observing Daniel’s photo, he also has inked some foreign text over his stomach. It appears the fighter is fond of tattoos but has not disclosed the meaning of each tattoo.

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Daniel Pineda Family And Career 

Daniel Pineda was born to his father and mother in his hometown of Waller, Dallas, Texas, on August 6, 1985.

Sadly, there is no information about Pineda’s parents like their name, profession, and ethnicity on the internet.

However, as per multiple sources, Daniel has a brother named Santibanez in his family.

The Featherweight fighter’s parents always supported his interest in fighting sports. Similarly, Daniel’s brother also helped him to get into his career of fighting.

Daniel finished his schooling in Houston. The MMA attended Waller High School in Texas’ Harris County.

Before beginning formal mixed martial arts training at age 21, Daniel began wrestling while still in high school.

Daniel Pineda
Daniel Pineda during his weigh-in before his fight. (Source: MMAJunkie )

In particular, the fierce fighter studied Brazilian Jujitsu and earned a black belt in it, which he used in his fights to gain an advantage over his opponents.

Daniel debuted in the UFC universe in January 2012. The athlete also made his title debut on January 20 at UFC against Pat Schilling.

The Featherweight athlete also began his UFC career with a victory. He won his debut UFC match via submission, defeating Schilling. As a result, the UFC gave him the ideal platform to advance his career.

In UFC 252, Daniel took on Herbert Burns on August 15, 2020, and became victorious. Pineda was given the Performance of the Night prize for this triumph.

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