Darius Miles in Jail

Is Darius Miles in jail? The news about the 21-year-old being arrested along with his friend has been trending on the Internet since Sunday.

Darius Miles is the Alabama men’s basketball player; he was on the team for a long time. Before he was arrested, he left the team because of his knee injury.

And, just after his arrest, the club member announced that he has been out from the basketball team.

People are curious to learn the motive behind the killing of a 23-year-old woman and what might be the possible reason for the shooting.

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Many close people of two basketball players have been interviewed recently after his arrest. Be with us to learn more about the trending news.

Is Darius Miles In Jail?

An official announcement was made after Miles was booked into the Tuscaloosa County Jail around 6:45 pm Sunday along with his friend.

The incident occurred in the early morning; within a short investigation, two people were arrested, Miles, 21, and Michael Lynn Davis, 20. Both of them were attending the same college.

The one who was shot during the incident was Jamea Harris; she was 23 and was from the Birmingham area. Her family has identified her, and Police are still investigating.

Alabama Basketball Player, Darius Miles has been arrested.
Alabama Basketball Player Darius Miles has been arrested. (Image Source: AL.com)

Many of the familiar viewers of the news mentioned that Miles and his friends might not be the only two involved in the case, so the investigation is still going on.

Police have not revealed any news other than their arrest; the reason behind the shooting of an innocent woman is still unknown.

Everyone has been keeping up with the justice for the victim and her family; other than her name, nothing has been revealed yet. 

Viewers are curious to learn more about the woman shot by two men. Hopefully, more reasons behind it will be revealed soon.

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Alabama Basketball Player Arrested With Murder Charge

Basketball player Miles and his friend have been arrested after they shot a 23-year-old woman, who was found dead on the spot.


Police have been looking into this case and mentioned that they were both charged with capital murder. The capital murder charge arose because death shots were fired into a vehicle.

They can spend more than 20 years in prison if they both are found guilty. Also, this might have a detract change in their career.

The only motive behind his shooting might be that the two men and the woman had some discussion before and were not on good terms.

But, the Police have not disclosed any information about that, and they have not mentioned the chance of them knowing each other before.

After processing the crime scene, and several eyewitnesses, they found out two men were involved and were the suspect.

People mentioned more than two men might also be involved in the case. The shooting was at 1:30 am on Sunday, and the only motive of the men was to kill the woman early in the morning.

The video of Miles being arrested has also been trending on many social media platforms, and Miles can be found saying, “I swear … I love you more than you imagine” to someone close inside the vehicle.

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