Darrell Taylor neck

Darrell Taylor has been an American NFL (National Football League) player for the Seattle Seahawks since 2020.

Taylor plays on the defensive side and is the No.52 outside linebacker. He was also a collegiate athlete for the University of Tennessee.

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The NFL player was picked by the Seattle Seahawks in the second round of the 2020 draft & was ranked 48 overall.

What Happened To Darrell Taylor Neck? Is He In A Hospital?

On October 17, during the last few minutes of a match, Darrell Taylor accidentally bumped into his teammate Al Wood and seriously injured his neck. 

The football player seriously hurt his neck in the final moments of a match against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Taylor was so gravely injured that he had to be ushered to the hospital on a stretcher.

Darrell Taylor Neck
Darell Taylor accidentally clashed with his teammate and suffered a neck injury. Source: Fan Nation

Players from both Steelers and Seahawks immediately rushed toward the player to help and extend their support.

Since Taylor suffered a neck injury, paramedics immobilized him and put him on a stretcher. The athlete was then taken to the University of Pittsburgh Medical Centre for treatment. 

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said that the athlete hesitated to leave the stadium on a stretcher and wanted to get up on his own. However, the medical professionals had to follow all necessary protocols. 

This isn’t the NFL player’s first encounter with an injury. In his senior year of college, Taylor suffered a leg injury and had to undergo shin surgery. 

As a result, the former collegiate athlete had to sit out his rookie season and was placed on the reserve/non-football injury list in 2020. 

Darrell Taylor Health Update: He Recovered Quickly After His Neck Injury

In most cases of neck injuries, being paralyzed is a major concern. Fortunately, Taylor could move and fell his legs when he was being rushed to the hospital. 

Therefore, the Seahawks outside linebacker recovered pretty fast from his injury.

Coach Pete Carroll reported that the player was doing well, and all reports/tests cleared him of any major damage. He said, “He did get a great report on his CT scan that he was clear and all of that.”

The Seahawks player was slated to return to the field just two weeks after his injury against the Jacksonville Jaguars. The coach felt the player was ready and reported being present in all three practices that week.

Darrell Taylor is preparing to take more leadership roles in 2022. Source: Seahawks

However, for unknown reasons, Taylor couldn’t play against the Jacksonville Jaguars and returned to the game in a match against Green Bay Packers on November 15, 2021.

Darrell Taylor has had a rather unimpressive start to this season. The formerly injured player has been mostly benched and put aside from every down-starter.  

Football Player Darrell Taylor Net Worth Is Estimated To Be Worth Six Million 

Darrell Taylor has an estimated net worth of $6 million.

In 2020, Taylor signed a contract worth $610,000 with a bonus of $2,479,640 with the Seattle Seahawks.

As of 2022, his base salary over four years in Seahawks is $4,284,868 with $2,479,644 in prorated bonus.

Additionally, NFL player earns money through endorsements and brand deals. He has 47.3k followers on Instagram.

Darrell Taylor with his new SUV, a Lincoln Aviator. Source: Instagram

The former collegiate athlete has an SUV, Lincoln Aviator, worth anywhere between $39,615 and $84,036

Taylor also loves to accessorize himself with diamond jewelry like rings, necklaces, bracelets, and watches. 

The Seahawks player was a nominee for the Chuck Bednarik Award during his senior year in college.

You can catch more of the player on October 17, 2022, at Lumen Field, Seattle, in a match against the Arizona Cardinals.

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