Luke Littler Scandal

What is Luke Littler Scandal? The darts player, also honored as the prince of the palace, has recently been in a controversy. Read about the details. 

Luke Littler, born in 2007 in Runcorn, United Kingdom, is a prominent English professional darts player competing in Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) events.

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At just 16 years old, he holds the current PDC World Youth Champion title, showcasing his remarkable skill and talent in the world of darts.

Luke’s achievements include being the youngest player to secure victories in both the WDF World Darts Championship and the PDC World Darts Championship.

This is a testament to his early success and exceptional abilities on the dartboard.

He has participated in various prestigious tournaments throughout his career, including the British Classic in 2023, the British Internationals in 2022, and the Irish Open in 2021.

These events further underscore his commitment to the sport and his presence on the professional darts circuit.

Recently, =Littler, aged 16, has issued an apology following a social media uproar over a photograph where he was seen holding The Sun newspaper.

The Warrington-born darts star expressed regret, stating, “I didn’t fully understand at the time what I was being asked to do.”

After posing for the photo on Friday, he faced criticism, prompting him to address the situation on social media that night and apologize to those who were offended.

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Darts Player Luke Littler Scandal And Controversy

Luke Littler found himself at the center of a controversy after posing for a photo holding The Sun newspaper during his impressive run at the World Darts Championship.

The young player, initially an unknown in the tournament, advanced to the last 16 at Alexandra Palace by winning three consecutive matches.

Amid rising media attention, the young darts prodigy was photographed on Friday, holding The Sun newspaper and his customary celebratory meal, a doner kebab.

Luke Littler Scandal
Luke Littler faced criticism online for holding Sun newspaper (Source: Sky News)

The newspaper’s headline, ‘Darts star Luke loves a doner and The Sun… can’t beat a Pitta bully,’ referred to the darts-themed game show Bullseye.

However, the claim that he ‘loves’ The Sun stirred controversy, particularly among Liverpool fans, given The Sun’s coverage of the Hillsborough Disaster in 1989.

In response to criticism for appearing to support The Sun, he issued an online apology, citing his unfamiliarity with media attention and a lack of full understanding.

Disassociating himself from the newspaper and its headline, he expressed regret for any offense caused and shifted his focus to his upcoming match.

Luke Littler Kissing Video Gone Viral

Despite his rising stardom, Luke Littler has been a part of controversies for more than once.

Previously facing criticism online for holding Sun newspaper, recently, the dart player has also been kissed by an unknown girl, causing the video to go viral.

Amidst his remarkable journey at the World Darts Championship, teenage sensation Luke added another memorable chapter as he secured a spot in the semi-finals.

Celebrating his triumphant victory against Brendan Dolan, Littler received an affectionate peck from a mystery blonde, capturing the heartwarming moment.

Luke Littler Scandal
The dart player’s video went viral after he received a kiss from an unknown girl (Source: LADbible)

The young dart player, a.k.a the ‘Prince of the Palace,’ engaged with the enthusiastic crowd, posing for selfies and even facing a close encounter with the Ally Pally wasp.

This viral moment and his incredible success guarantee him a historic £100,000 payday for becoming the youngest player to reach the semi-finals.

What started as a 150-1 outsider’s chance has transformed into a captivating narrative, with Littler now just one game away from the final.

The stakes are high, with the possibility of securing £200,000 as a runner-up or an impressive £500,000 if he claims the championship title in the grand finale.

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