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Michelle Paet is the wife of Nathan Paet, the late United States Air Force airman who was shot multiple times inside his garage. The horrific incident happened in December 2010.

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According to a report, Paet’s wife Michelle made the whole plan. Nathan’s wife, including three people named Michael Rodriguez, Corry Hawkins, and Jessica Austin, were involved in this matter.

Not only that, but Michelle had a brief affair with Michael. Moreover, the tragic ****** of Nathan is again in media prominence as it has been covered in an episode of Dateline NBC that aired on November 16, 2023.

With the release of an episode titled Part of the Plan, people are eager to know more about Michelle. So, more facts have been shared below.

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Dateline Michelle Paet Wikipedia And Biography

Michelle Paet is the wife of the late United States Air Force airman named Nathan Paet. Nathan and Michelle tied the knot in the year 2002 and remained together until Nathan’s passing in 2010 after a ******.

After tying the knot, the duo also welcomed four kids. Nathan’s brother Eric once recalled how Michelle was keen on establishing her roots in Vegas as she thought it was an ideal place to raise her family. 

Michelle Paet Wikipedia
Michelle Paet is widely recognized for being the wife of the late Nathan Paet. ( Source: The Mirror )

Nathan was a family man who reportedly saved up and put a down payment on a beautiful 2,400-square-foot home in the Vegas suburb of Mountain’s Edge.

He did all these things just to make his wife happy. There is not much info related to Michelle’s professional life, but it has been noted that she once worked at a telemarketing company.

Michelle Paet Age: How Old Is Nathan Paet Wife?

Michelle Paet age has dragged everyone’s eyes, but the actual number has not been shared in the public domain yet. However, it can be speculated that Paet maybe somewhere around her 40s.

There are not many facts related to her family background and early life, as all the details have been kept confidential. She just came into the limelight after the ****** of her husband in 2010.

Michelle Paet Age
Michelle Paet was married to Nathan Paet for a long time, and they welcomed four kids. ( Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal )

Talking about her late husband, Nathan Paet was born Nathan Joseph Villagomez Paet on February 12, 1982. He grew up in the US territory of Guam. 

According to an online report, Michelle and Nathan were high school sweethearts. The duo reportedly had their first child right after his graduation.

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Where Is Michelle Paet Now?

Michelle Paet is serving her time in prison with no chance for parole for the ******** ***** of her husband, Nathan Paet. She was sentenced in 2016.

Michelle was also involved in the ****** of her husband, and it has been noted that she made the whole plan. Initially, Michelle told police Nathan overslept for work that night and was rushing to get to work the night he was killed. 

Michelle Paet Now
Michelle Paet is currently serving her time in prison. (Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal

Reportedly, Michelle would have received $650,000 if Nathan died, which was life insurance money, and also due to the fact that her spouse was in the military.

During her sentencing in 2016, Paet was sobbing. Furthermore, Michelle explained that she regretted her steps and was apologetic for what she had done. 

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