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Ex-Cop Chris Hall Convicted Of First-Degree ****** In Wife’s *****. Who was Chris Hall’s Wife? 

Blair Christopher Hall, who goes by Chris Hall, was convicted in May 2011 of first-degree ****** in the ***** of his wife, Cristi Lynne Hall, in 2007.

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Chris and Cristi Hall were married for three decades and had three children together; they seemed happy. But after the news was released, it did not seems they were a comfortable and perfect couple.

The couple was ordinary; Chris was a former Cascade, Idaho, Police chief, which shows that he was educated. But out of nowhere why he decided to kill his wife. 

Please continue reading to learn more about the case, which came out three years after being murdered. 

Dateline: Who Was Chris Hall Wife, Cristi Lynne?

Cristi Lynne was the wife of Chris Hall, a former Police chief which whom she shared three daughters.

Her husband killed her and was found dead in her home, where she lived with her husband and daughter.

Chris Hall wife Cristi together, before 2007
Chris Hall with his wife Cristi together before 2007. (Image Source: Internet Archive)

Cristi was just an ordinary person; after her *****, the news was out to the public people started getting to know her otherwise; before her *****, people were unknown of her.

When Police were informed and found Cristi dead, her husband Chris said it was just an accident. 

And he mentioned that he shared a great relationship with his wife; he said that she was his wife, best friend, and family.

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Ex-Cop Chris Hall Found Guilty Of ****** Of His Wife: Arrest and Charges 

A former cop was convicted in the drowning ***** of his wife, who was found dead on June 7, 2007. 

After her *****, when Hall was interviewed, he said that he found his wife unconscious in the water and tried CPR, but she did not respond. 

Cristi was then sent to the hospital, but the medical professional asserted that she had already passed away when she got there.

But Hall’s first-degree ****** conviction came on May 31, after his first trial ended in a mistrial when jurors deadlocked 8-4 in favor of guilt.

Ex-Cop Convicted Of First-Degree ****** In Wife’s *****
Ex-Cop Convicted Of First-Degree ****** In Wife’s *****. (Image Source: Police Prostitution And Politics)

According to the investigation, he tried to ****** his wife in their Jacuzzi until she died. Hall and his wife were together in the bath tube during the incident.

The victim’s husband first slammed her head twice into the cement edge of the hot tub, then pinned her elbows and hands behind her back and plunged her underwater, making her drown inside.

Hall was prepared before returning to the hot tub with his wife; he might have suffered mental health issues during the incident.

When Hall was trying to ****** her, she managed to make a loud sound heard by a neighbor, Lindsay Kay Patterson.

Lindsay said that she saw the victim, Cristi appearing to be face-down in the water in her bathing suit while her husband was inside the House.

So, there was an eyewitness during the case, and everything was investigated. Then, he was sentenced to 25 years to life and will be spending his left life inside the jail now.

Hall was arrested in 2011, so he will be in jail for more than ten years; before being sentenced, he was free on 1 million bail.

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