Nettie Nakonechny Obituary

Nettie Nakonechny Obituary: Remembering the life of an extraordinary teacher, loving mother, and cherished community member.

Following a tragic collision that claimed the lives of 16 seniors from Dauphin and the nearby area, the RCMP provided names and details of the victims, and Nettie was one of 16 seniors. 

In a somber ceremony, family members, loved ones, and first responders honoured each victim with individual photos and heartfelt words shared by their families.

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Dauphin Nettie Nakonechny Obituary

With great sadness and heavy hearts, we announce the passing of Nettie Nakonechny, a beloved resident of Dauphin, Manitoba.

Nettie departed this world on June 15, 2023, leaving behind a legacy of love, kindness, and cherished memories that will forever be etched in the hearts of her family and friends.

Nettie was a pillar of strength within the community, known for her warm heart, infectious laughter, and unwavering kindness.

As a dedicated teacher by trade, she touched the lives of countless students, leaving a lasting impression on their hearts and minds.

Beyond the classroom, Nettie was a devoted mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother to her eight and five great-grandkids, showering them with love, guidance, and wisdom.

Nettie Nakonechny Obituary
The memory of Nettie Nakonechny will be forever cherished and held dear. (Image Source: The Toronto Star)

Proud of her Ukrainian heritage, Nettie held her roots close to her heart.

She was deeply involved in the Ukrainian Catholic Church of the Resurrection, where a rosary service will be held on Wednesday, June 28, 2023, at 10:30 AM, followed by a funeral service at 11:00 AM at the church located at 801 Jackson St, Dauphin, MB R7N2N3.

In honor of Nettie’s memory and impact on countless lives, memorial donations may be made to Manitoba Cancer Care. This reflects her compassionate nature and desire to help those in need.

During this time of mourning and reflection, let us come together to celebrate the remarkable life of Nettie Nakonechny.

May her gentle spirit, unwavering faith, and genuine love for others inspire us all. Nettie’s presence will be deeply missed, but her memory will forever be cherished in the hearts of those fortunate enough to have known her.

Nettie Nakonechny Death Cause Linked To Manitoba Crash

The tragic Manitoba crash on the Trans-Canada Highway near Carberry has been connected to the cause of Nettie Nakonechny’s untimely death.

During a news conference held by the RCMP, the victims of the devastating collision were identified, with Nettie among them.

The collision involving a bus and a semi-truck claimed the lives of 16 individuals, including Nettie.

Nettie Nakonechny Obituary
A tragic incident claimed the lives of 16 individuals. (Image Source: National Post)

The announcement of her passing about the Manitoba crash has brought immense sorrow and grief to her family, friends, and the wider community.

This tragic incident serves as a sad reminder of the delicate nature of life and the unforeseen consequences that can arise from such accidents.

The loss of Nakonechny and the other victims has left a profound void in the hearts of their loved ones, who now face the immense challenge of processing their grief and finding solace amidst the pain.

As the details surrounding the crash unfolded, the affected individuals must receive support, compassion, and comfort from their community.

An ongoing investigation is underway to determine the circumstances and causes of the tragic accident near Carberry on the Trans-Canada Highway.

Authorities are diligently working to gather information, analyze evidence, and piece together the sequence of events that led to the collision between the bus and the semi-truck.

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