Dave Matthews Parents

John Matthews and Valerie (aka Val) Matthews are Dave Matthews parents. The singer is the third of four children of his parents.

Born David John Matthews, Dave Mathews is a renowned singer, songwriter, and musician of American nationality. He is best noted as the Dave Matthews Band’s lead singer, composer, and guitarist (DMB).

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Matthews was born in Johannesburg and spent much of his childhood relocating between South Africa, the United Kingdom, and the United States. At the age of nine, Matthews picked up the acoustic guitar.

Since then, he has been involved in the music industry and has established himself as one of the most famous musicians.

The Grammy Award-winning singer is a family guy. His fans are keen to learn more about his parents, siblings, and other family members. In this short article, let’s discover some untold facts about Dave Matthews’ parents, siblings, wife, and children.

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Dave Matthews Parents: John Matthews And Val Matthews

John Matthews and Valerie (aka Val) Matthews are Dave Matthews’ Father and mother, respectively. The singer is the third of four children of his parents.

His parents welcomed Dave on 9 January 1967 in Johannesburg, South Africa. The Matthews family moved from the city to Yorktown Heights, New York. The DMB lead singer’s dad reportedly worked as a physicist at IBM.

In the mid-1970s, the family again moved to Cambridge, England. However, they returned to New York and settled down there.

Dave’s family faced a tragedy a few years after moving back to New York. His Father – a non-smoker – was diagnosed with lung Cancer. John subsequently lost the battle with the disease and passed away in 1977.

Dave Matthews parents
The DMB lead singer spent much of his childhood relocating between South Africa and U.S. (Image Source: Wikimedia Commons)

After his dad’s *****, the Matthews family moved back to Johannesburg in the same year. Moreover, while living in New York, Matthews’ mother took him to a performance/concert by Pete Seeger, a veteran folk singer.

The singer moved back to New York in 1986 after completing his high school education. Before joining his mother in Virginia, he worked for IBM for a short while.

That’s where Dave Matthews’ musical career began, though he picked guitar at nine. He joined a local music community and began playing publicly.

Shortly after, Dave formed the band DMB (Dave Matthews Band) in 1991; the rest is history!

Dave Matthews’ Siblings – Anne, Jane And Peter Matthews

Dave Matthew grew up with his two sisters, Anne and Jane, and one brother, Peter.

The birth details and age of the DMB frontman are still confidential.

As per the reports, Dave Matthews’ elder sister, Anne, died in 1993 in a domestic tragedy in her home in South Africa. She survived by her two kids.

The DMB released an album, “Under the Table and Dreaming,” following Anne’s tragic *****, which was dedicated to her.

Dave Matthews’ other siblings are hopefully doing well and enjoying their lives.

Dave Matthews’ Wife And Children

Dave Matthews shares a blissful marital life with Jennifer Ashley Harper. The smitten pair have been married since 10 August 2000.

Dave Matthews Parents
Dave Matthews and his wife, Jennifer Ashley Harper, have been married since 2000. (Image Source: Tuko)

Moreover, with his longtime spouse, the accomplished musician is a proud parent of three kids.

Dave and Jennifer entered into parenthood in 2001 after they welcomed twin girls – Stella Busina Matthews and Grace Anne Matthews.

In 2007, Dave Matthews’ youngest kid and only son, August Oliver Matthews.

The DMB band member’s children are growing up away from the media scrutiny. Might they have inherited the love for music from their famous dad?

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