Who are the parents of the 9-year-old who graduated High School? Here is more about the prodigy David Balogun parents Henry and Ronya. 

David Balogun became one of the youngest high school graduates after completing the feat at nine.

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The Pennsylvania boy completed high school at such a young age after taking online classes.

And now, Balogun has already started accumulating credits for his online degree. 

Reportedly, the nine-year-old loves science and computer programming.

After schools were closed due to Covid-19, David started online studies. And he graduated high school in three years with a 4.0 GPA.

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David Balogun Parents Henry And Ronya

David Balogun parents, Henry and Ronya, must be very proud of their overachieving son, who graduated high school at nine.

Henry and Ronya are both graduates with advanced academic degrees, which explains the excellent qualities of their son.

david balogun parents
David Balogun pictured with his parents, Henry and Ronya. (Source: Insider)

However, they told WGAL that raising a child with such an extraordinary intellect was a challenge.

David’s mother, Ronya, said that his brain could understand and comprehend many complex concepts, sometimes beyond her understanding.

She also said that David was tested for giftedness in Grade 1 and skipped several grades in elementary school.

David’s father told the media that they are searching for a University for David but probably won’t get far from Pennsylvania.

He also talked about the challenges David might face while going to college with adults who may misunderstand him.

Apart from that, not much information about David’s parents has been released in the media.

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More About David Balogun- Nine-Year-Old High School Graduate

David Balogun is a nine-year-old from Pennsylvania who recently graduated high school.

He received a high school diploma from Reach Cyber Charter School based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Local television WGAL reported that Balogun took small classes from his home in the Philadelphia suburb of Bensalem.

Michael Kearney is the only person who graduated high school younger than David.

39-year-old Kearney holds the Guinness world record for the youngest high school graduate in 1990 when he was six.

Child prodigy David Balogun graduated high school in three years with a 4.0 GPA. (Source: The Guardian)

When asked about his future plans, David said he wants to become an astrophysicist once he completes his studies.

The nine-year-old is a member of Mensa, a high-intelligence quotient society. 

His teachers have also spoken to media outlets about his extraordinary quality.

His science teacher said that he is someone who changes “the way you think about teaching.”

He has already done one semester at the Bucks County Community College based in Newtown, Pennsylvania.

Meanwhile, his parents have been researching other universities to try to find the one that best suits their child.

Besides studies, David is pursuing a martial arts black belt, enjoys sports, and plays the piano.

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