David de Gea Goalkeeper

David de Gea health has dragged a huge public attention following his departure from Manchester United. Let’s find out more about his disease in this article.

David de Gea is a Spanish professional footballer playing as a goalkeeper. Most recently, he played for the Premier League club Manchester United.

He represented the Man U team since 2011 and made a total of 415 game appearances leading the club to win multiple titles. Before joining Manchester United, he was a part of Atlético Madrid.

In addition to that, Gea is also a national-level player who has been part of the national football team of Spain in many prominent games. For the senior team, he has already made over 40 game appearances.

David de Gea Health and Disease

David de Gea does not have any issues with his health, but following his exit from Manchester United, everyone may have thought that the Spanish goalkeeper may have left the club due to some disease.

However, there is no truth about it, as Gea is in perfect shape, and everyone is now eager to know about his next move. Apart from that, Gea had some problems with his health in the past.

David de Gea Health
David de Gea has a condition called hyperopia, but it hasn’t bothered him. ( Source: Instagram )

He was once rumored to have contracted COVID-19. Besides that, Gea has a condition called hyperopia. Not to mention, hyperopia or farsightedness, is a vision condition in which far objects are usually seen more clearly than close ones.

This means that the Spanish goalkeeper is able to see things further away more clearly than he can those closer to him. Despite that, the condition has not bothered Gea, as he is doing well in his professional life.

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What Happened To David de Gea?

David de Gea does not have any serious health problems as of 2023. As stated earlier, the topic of his health circulated on the internet when the news of his departure from Man U came into the media.

All of the recent reports show that David is fine. Now, fans and followers want to know where he will be heading too. The Spanish goalkeeper has been a hot topic on the internet.

David de Gea
David de Gea does not have any serious health issues, and he is in perfect condition. ( Source: Instagram )

After leaving Manchester United, many questions have risen on the web about Gea’s personal life too. Many people have shown support for him and have said goodbye to the goalkeeper.

More updates regarding his life may get updated soon, and David can be followed on Instagram under the username @d_degeaofficial.

Where Is David de Gea Now?

David de Gea has left Manchester United, and he is now on the way to go to his new club. There is not much info about it, but his name has become the talk of the town for the past few days.

Rumors have been circulated on the internet that says David is now joining PSG. The Parisians want to add a new goalkeeper to their ranks in the ongoing transfer window.

David de Gea Now
David de Gea posted a farewell message to his supporters on his Instagram handle. ( Source: Instagram )

So, they are eying for David. However, nothing can be confirmed at the time of this post. Apart from that, David has already received a warm farewell from fans and followers.

In the same way, Gea has already said goodbye to everyone and also posted a message on his Instagram handle thanking everyone. 

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