Is David Graziano Leaving SVU

Is David Graziano leaving SVU? People are curious following allegations against him regarding workplace bullying, sexism, and racism.

The American television writer and producer is known for his works in FelicityCoyoteDay BreakTerra NovaLie to MeSouthlandJack Ryan, and In Plain Sight, among others.

Furthermore, Graziano was named the new showrunner of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit in June 2022.

The award-winning playwright started his career when his play called Acorn (1998) was performed at the Humana Festival in Louisville, Kentucky.

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Is David Graziano Leaving SVU? What Happened To Him? 

David Graziano, the present showrunner of the long-running series Law & Order: SVU, has been accused of bullying, volatile behavior, and misogyny.

The allegations of workplace misconduct have brought forth confusion regarding his future with the crime-drama show.

Los Angeles Times report from Thursday, December 8, reports that over a dozen co-workers of Graziano have accused him of mistreatment in the workplace.

David Graziano accused
David Graziano is accused of workplace misconduct. (Source: Los Angeles Times)

The claims include him making demeaning and inappropriate comments toward women and people of color and disrespect and angry outbursts toward subordinate staff members.

Graziano was named the showrunner in June 2022, just ahead of the popular N.B.C. show’s 24th season. However, the controversy soon followed.

Neither Dick Wolf’s Wolf Entertainment nor N.B.C. has commented on the matter. It is unclear if Graziano is leaving SVU.

What Are The Allegations Against David Graziano?

Not long after David Graziano accepted the role of SVU’s showrunner, Haley Cameron, the script coordinator, quit the series.

The Times states that claims against Graziano began surfacing on an industry listserv following the posting of an advertisement for the script coordinator position.

“The new showrunner, David Graziano, is very unprofessional, ego-centric, and immature,” Cameron wrote, urging especially women to think carefully before putting themselves in a position “that could end as badly as hers did.”

Haley Cameroon and David Graziano
Haley Cameron is among those who accuse David Graziano. (Source: Meaww)

Likewise, Amy Hartman, a script coordinator under Graziano on another crime-drama Coyote, also reportedly commented on the same listserv, saying, “Graz is super toxic,” and asking people to stay away.

Many more co-workers have accused Graziano of the same or similar behavior. James, who also worked as a script coordinator on Coyote, said it was “easily the worst job I have had in Hollywood.”

He added that he thought no one would give Graziano another show to run.

Besides, many complainants spoke on the condition of anonymity due to the fear of personal or professional repercussions.

David Graziano Response: Where Is He Now?

In a statement, David Graziano admitted that he was “a difficult person to work with” while working on the production of Coyote.

The 50-year-old noted that he was not in a good state at the time and suffering pain after facing three collapsed discs in his neck.

However, Graziano denied making inappropriate comments about women or people of color. He added that he only made remarks on such topics in the context of creating stories for the show.

He mentioned the abuse he suffered as a child at the hands of a Catholic priest and his mother but said he refused to blame his past behavior on them. 

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Graziano continued stating that he had a lot to draw from his personal experience and history for the good of the show. “Real change is hard, and I keep working on myself daily,” he noted.

It is unclear what he is doing now. He is mildly active on Instagram, with the comments turned off on his posts. 

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