David Jackson Wife Penelope Jackson

David Jackson wife, Penelope Jackson was convicted guilty of killing her husband by stabbing him three times in their Somerset home before calling 999 at Bristol Crown Court.

Penelope Jackson and David Jackson were together for 24 years before she killed her husband.

Although their friends said their marriage appeared joyful on the outside, their relationship was complex despite living in three different countries together.

She confessed manslaughter but refuted murder, saying Mr. Jackson had coerced her into doing things and had been abusive against her.

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Who Is David Jackson Wife Penelope Jackson?

Penelope Jackson is known as the murderer who killed David Jackson, her husband.

After stabbing David, she called 999 and reported that “he is in the kitchen bleeding to death with any chance.” 

On February 13, 2021, as her fourth husband lay bleeding on the kitchen floor of the couple’s £450,000 luxurious Somerset property, she was taken into custody in her pajamas outside the home.

Her legal team claims that during her trial at Bristol Crown Court, she was the target of “mocking and mimicking.”

David Jackson Wife
Penelope Jackson is known as the murderer who killed David Jackson, her husband (Source: News.sky)

They claim that she wasn’t given a fair hearing because of the “black humor” surrounding the case and the fact that she became a meme.

According to Dailymail, Jackson “lost control” and stabbed her husband twice, once in the bedroom and in the kitchen.

Penelope later confessed, saying, “Look at my records. I’ve experienced so much abuse over the years.”

She claimed that Jackson told emergency personnel that she had “put three holes in him.”

Penelope added she tried to kill her spouse, but she had had enough. She might stab him once again.

Pyjama Killer Penelope Jackson Accused of Murdering Her Husband

In February 2021, Penelope Jackson, 66, attacked David Jackson, 78, at their Somerset home with a kitchen knife.

Jackson alleged that her spouse was abusive and coercively controlling and that he “ruined” her special occasion by making fun of her.

She was given a life sentence in jail with a minimum of 18 years at Bristol Crown Court.

After over 11 hours of deliberation, the jury returned a judgment of 10-2 to find her guilty.

David Jackson Wife
Penelope Jackson attacked David Jackson at their Somerset home (Source: BBC)

Not to mention, Jackson testified that her marriage had “simply crumbled” and that she had endured years of “abuse, uninvited sex, demeaning, stopping me from doing things, and all the bad things” for nothing.

She testified to the jury that Jackson had always kept her daughter’s 20-year abuse a secret, so an argument over her birthday dinner, while they were on Zoom had been the “final straw.”

David had been upset because she had prepared bubble and squeak, a British dish of baked potatoes and cabbage that is then combined and fried to go with their supper of lobster, crab, and steak.

Penelope Jackson’s Murder Story Is Now Featured On Documentary

Penelope Jackson’s disturbing case is currently the subject of the crime and investigation documentary Bubble and Squeak Murder: The Killing Of David Jackson.

The documentary Bubble & Squeak Murder: The Death of David Jackson looks into the circumstances surrounding the death of David Jackson and shows the “dark and horrific mysteries which lay beneath this seemingly unexplained and savage homicide.”

Two years after the incident, the documentary’s first episode debuted on Monday, February 13 and is now streaming on Crime + Investigation Play.

David’s brother claims to have supported his murderous sister-in-law when the gory details of the crime in February 2020 came to light.

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