David Jacobs Son

Aaron Jacobs, David Jacobs son, has been gaining attention as he’s the individual who shared the news of his father’s recent demise.

David Jacobs, born in Baltimore, Maryland, USA, was a prominent figure in the realm of television writing and production.

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He left a lasting legacy in the industry before his passing on August 20, 2023, in Burbank, California, at the age of 84.

Graduating from the Maryland Institute College of Art, Jacobs carved a successful career path spanning from 1975 to 2005.

He gained widespread recognition for his exceptional work in TV, making significant contributions to hit series such as “Dallas,” “Knots Landing,” and “Paradise.”

Jacobs’ creative talents and storytelling prowess made him a significant figure in shaping the landscape of television during his active years in the industry.

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Everything To Know About David Jacobs Son Aaron Jacobs

Aaron Jacobs is David Jacobs’ son he had with his second wife, Diana Jacobs. Aaron is among Jacobs’s three children.

To illustrate, he conveyed the news of David’s passing himself, sharing with The Hollywood Reporter that his father passed away on a Sunday.

Aaron said that his father died at Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center in Burbank, California, after years of battling Alzheimer’s.

However, a series of infections were reportedly the immediate cause of his demise.

David Jacobs' son, Aaron Jacobs, was born from his second marriage to Diana Jacobs
David Jacobs’ son, Aaron Jacobs, was born from his second marriage to Diana Jacobs (Source: The Telegraph)

Aaron’s father, David’s married life encompassed two significant relationships.

Firstly, he was married to Lynn Pleshette, although the dates of their marriage and divorce are unspecified. They had one child (Albyn) together.

Secondly, he married Diana in 1977, and their marriage endured until his passing in 2023. The couple had two children (Aaron and Molly) during their time together.

The writer is acknowledged for significantly shaping television, with his shows becoming a fixture in American households throughout the 1980s.

“Dallas,” airing for 14 seasons with 357 episodes, held the title of the longest-running series at the time.

Close behind was “Knots Landing,” which also spanned 14 seasons and featured 344 episodes.

Starting as a miniseries in April 1978 and extending to five parts, it ran until May 1991, garnering top Nielsen ratings in its fourth, fifth, and seventh seasons.

“Knots Landing,” which debuted in December 1979, aired on most Thursday nights and concluded in May 1993.

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Explore More On David Jacobs Son: Wikipedia And Age

The offspring of David Jacobs lacks a Wikipedia page, and information regarding his age is also absent.

In contrast, David Jacobs himself enjoyed popularity and possesses a Wikipedia page detailing his life and career.

David Jacobs, the elder of two children, had a younger sister named Susan, and he was born to Melvin and Ruth Jacobs.

Raised in a modest background, his father worked as a household appliance salesman.

David Jacobs Son
Aaron, the son of David Jacobs, does not have a Wikipedia page (Source: Viewer Direction Advised)

After attending Baltimore City College High School, Jacobs earned a BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art.

Following his graduation, he relocated to New York City, where he pursued roles as an illustrator and researcher for Grolier’s Encyclopedia.

Later, he delved into freelance writing, producing notable pieces of nonfiction, including a well-regarded article on architect and inventor Buckminster Fuller.

Additionally, he authored a children’s book focusing on Renaissance artists.

In 1975, Jacobs co-wrote the non-fiction book “Police, a Precinct at Work” alongside Sara Ann Friedman.

The book comprised narratives drawn from their six months of accompanying NYPD’s 24th precinct police officers on their duties.

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