David Kissinger Wife

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David Kissinger is known for his political involvement.

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The son of former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, David served as a representative of the Republican Party for Ohio’s 46th district in 2012.

A graduate of General Studies from Vincennes University and certified by Medsphere University, Kissinger is the president at Conaco.

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Meet David Kissinger Wife Tallie: Relationship Timeline

David Kissinger’s marital journey with his wife, Tallie Kissinger, reflects a deep commitment and involvement in both family life and community service.

The couple tied the knot and has since built a strong family foundation. 

Beyond their family life, David and Tallie actively engage in missionary work at CedarCreek Church.

They are dedicated members of the church’s South Toledo campus, reflecting their commitment to faith and community.

David, in particular, has served in various volunteer and leadership roles at CedarCreek Church for over a decade, showcasing the couple’s shared dedication to their spiritual community.

In addition to their involvement with the church, David is a founding member of the Information Technology Advisory Board at Cherry Street Mission Ministries.

He also serves as the Chairman of the Public Relations Committee for the Central and Southern Ohio Chapter of HIMSS.

David Kissinger Wife
David and his wife Tallie are united in faith, family, and community service commitment. (Image Source: Getty Images)

These roles demonstrate not only his commitment to community service but also his leadership in various organizations.

Tallie Kissinger, while not as extensively covered in the information online, plays an integral role in this dynamic partnership.

Their enduring commitment to each other is evident in their shared life, family values, and collaborative engagement in community and church activities.

The relationship timeline of David and his wife, Tallie, is characterized by shared values, family commitment, and active participation in making a positive impact on their community.

As they continue their journey together, the couple’s bond remains a testament to the enduring power of love, faith, and shared purpose.

David Kissinger Has Four Kids: Carter, Quinten, Charlie And Ruby

David Kissinger’s family is a testament to his commitment to both public service and personal relationships.

Together with his wife, Tallie Kissinger, they have built a loving and vibrant household that includes four children: Carter, Quinten, Charlie, and Ruby.

Carter, the eldest, presumably holds a special place in the family as the firstborn.

Quinten, the second child, likely adds a unique dynamic to the family dynamics, bringing his own personality and experiences.

David Kissinger Wife
David and his wife Tallie’s family, including Carter, Quinten, Charlie, and Ruby, epitomize commitment. (Image Source: Getty Images)

Charlie, the third child, and Ruby, the youngest, complete the family unit, contributing to the lively and diverse atmosphere of the Kissinger household.

While specific details about each child’s individual characteristics and pursuits are not provided, the mention of their names suggests a familial closeness and pride in their identities.

Raising four children is undoubtedly a significant aspect of David and Tallie’s lives, and the absence of details about each child’s life might be a conscious decision to respect their privacy.

The family resides in Maumee, Ohio, showcasing a commitment to community life in addition to their familial bonds.

As David and Tallie actively participate in missionary work at CedarCreek Church, their children likely grow up in an environment that values faith, service, and community engagement.

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