David Miranda Children

People are piqued to know about David Miranda Children after his death news has gone viral. Following Miranda’s passing, Brazilian politicians, celebrities, and social activists have shown their sympathy and love for him.

After becoming the first openly gay municipal councilor in Rio de Janeiro in 2016, Miranda was elected to the Brazilian Congress in 2019.

Miranda voluntarily dropped his reelection bid in September of 2022 after spending six weeks in the ICU due to a digestive ailment, according to CNN.

The reason for death was not disclosed. After his passing, tributes have flooded the internet.

Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, the president of Brazil, wrote on Twitter that Miranda was a young man with an extraordinary trajectory who left too soon.

Because of his relationship with Edward Snowden, Greenwald is best recognized.

He received information from Snowden regarding numerous American intelligence operations as part of a serious data breach that resulted in the exile of the NSA contractor in Russia.

Let’s get to know about David Miranda Children and other details.

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David Miranda Children: Meet His Adopted Sons

David Miranda Children details. On Ipanema Beach in February 2005, he accidentally knocked Glenn Greenwald’s drink over while playing volleyball. The couple moved in together after a week.

After they initially met, Greenwald pushed Miranda to go back to school, and in 2014, he earned his degree from Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing (ESPM).

Both Greenwald and Miranda were openly gay, and they were married. In 2017, the couple adopted two siblings.

David Miranda Children
David Miranda Children details. (Source: New York Post)

Glenn Edward Greenwald is a lawyer, author, and journalist from the United States. In 1996, Greenwald founded a law firm that specialized in First Amendment cases.

He began blogging about national security issues in October 2005 as his worries about what he saw as a violation of civil liberties by the George W. Bush Administration in the wake of the September 11 attacks intensified.

He first voiced opposition to the Iraq War and has since continued to criticize American foreign policy. 

David Miranda Activism And Political Work

In addition to working with her husband, American journalist Glenn Greenwald, to publish the findings contained in Snowden’s disclosures outlining mass monitoring by the National Security Agency (NSA), Miranda led the campaign to persuade the Brazilian government to grant political asylum to Snowden.

He spoke with Luciana Genro, a PSOL candidate for president of Brazil in 2014, and got her promise to give Snowden refuge if she won.

The campaign, which had wide public support in Brazil, was unable to persuade Dilma Rousseff’s administration.

David Miranda Children
David Miranda died at the young age. (Source: TeleSur English)

Miranda was held by the British government at Heathrow Airport in London for nine hours in August 2013 as a result of his work on the NSA program.

He had just arrived from Berlin and was transferring to a flight to Rio de Janeiro.

His possessions were taken, including an external hard drive that was encrypted with the TrueCrypt encryption program and which Greenwald claimed included sensitive information pertinent to his reporting.

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