David Shannon Murder

A closer look at David Shannon ****** revealed a sinister scheme wrapped in jealousy, resentment, and lies. Here is everything we know about the brutal slaying.

Army Major David Shannon was fatally shot in his House on 23 July 2002. His wife called 911 in panic and requested an ambulance.

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She claimed that her husband was shot while sleeping. Initially, investigators suspected his job made him a target.

The horrific details of the incident are also navigated in the documentary movie, “Married With Secretes: She Loves Me Not.”

David Shannon ******: How His Stepdaughter, Elizabeth, And Wife, Joan Shannon, Killed Him

David Shannon lived with his wife, Joan Shannon, in Fayetteville. After getting married in 1991, the late Army Major adopted his wife’s kids – Elizabeth and Daisy – from her previous marriage.

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David and Joan also had two sons together. The nature of Mr. Shannon’s job made the family relocate frequently.

On 23 July 2002, emergency call operators received a disturbing call from David Shannon’s wife. She requested an ambulance and said her husband was killed.

When the Police officers arrived at the scene, they found the Army Major soaked with blood on his bed (naked), with a sheet pulled midway up. In addition, there were bullet wounds on his forehead and chest.

According to Police, David died due to a close-range gunshot. Besides, Joan’s investigators found the Shannon couple’s boys sleeping in their room and Elizabetha and her friend were listening to music.

The officer claimed that David’s stepdaughter, Elizabeth, was calm and asked if he had died. While searching the Shannon residence, the investigator discovered a sizable collection of porn under their bed.

On the late Army Major’s computer were homemade pornographic images of Joan, David, and a family friend named Jeffery Wilson.

Police also found three firearms in the House, but authorities determined none of them was a ****** weapon. Not only that, but the residence also showed no signs of a break-in.

As for the gunshot residue tests, Joan came positive, and Elizabeth came clean. However, Mrs. Shannon’s gunshot residue pattern indicated that she was not the shooter.

David Shannon ******
David Shannon’s stepdaughter, Elizabeth, on the left and his wife, Joan Shannon, on the right. (Image source; Oxygen)

Joan Shannon And Elizabeth Shannon Pleaded Guilty

Elizabeth Shannon pleaded guilty to killing her stepfather. Shea also testified against her mother. Elizabeth accused her mother of manipulating her into committing the crime.

Eventually, Joah Shannon faced charges of first-degree ******, conspiracy to commit it and accessory after the fact.

Police pulled Jeffery Wilson in for questioning after they found him on previously discovered pornographic images. Jeffery admitted that Joan and David invited him to a swinger’s club.

Wilson also said that the trio would regularly meet and engage in sexual activities. He also claimed that Joan developed feeling for him, but he was with her to co-sign for his motorcycle.

Where Are Elizabeth And Joan Shannon?

Elizabeth received a sentence of up to 31 years and five months in jail. She is currently prisoned at the North Carolina Correctional Institution for Women and has a parole date of 2029.

Elizabeth has already accrued 49 offenses during her prison term, ranging from sexual assault to fighting and stealing.

On the other hand, Joan Shannon is serving her life sentence. She is at the Anson Correctional Institution in Polkton, NC.

Prosecutors claimed that Joan murdered her husband to collect hefty life insurance money and live her life with Jeffery. David’s family still believes that Mrs. Shannon is innocent and claims that Elizabeth acted alone.

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