David Suzuki is the famous Canadian academic,

David Suzuki tragic end: The Canadian academic and environmental activist’s news rumors are all over the internet. Did he pass away? Check everything below!

David Suzuki is a famous and well-known academic, science broadcaster, and environmental activist based in Canada.

Further, David stepped down from the broadcasting industry on January 10, 1971, with the weekly children’s show Suzuki on Science.

A few years later, the academic founded the radio program Quirks & Quarks in 1994. Similalry, the show was also hosted on CBC AM radio from 1975 to 1979. 

Notably, David has also hosted The Nature of Things, a CBC television series which was the famous series that aired in nearly fifty countries worldwide. 

After wavering support in the broadcasting industry, Suzuki announced his retirement with his loved ones and the well-wishers from The Nature of Things series in spring 2023.

David Suzuki Tragic End: Did David Suzuki Passed Away Today?

David Suzuki tragic end has been searched by many people, which has left everyone confused. Due to that, online users are eager to know if Suzuki passed away today.

However, there is no truth about David’s death has been shared. At the time of this post, it can be confirmed that Suzuki is still alive and is doing well.

David Suzuki Tragic End
David Suzuki’s death rumors are all over the internet. (Source: The Edge Leaders)

Meanwhile, he does not have much presence on social media. Apart from that, many people got confused and searched for Suzuki’s tragic end.

In 2022, Suzuki announced his retirement as host of The Nature of Things. In the last few years, he’s been on camera less frequently, taking a bit of a break from the series.

Furthermore, he served as the host of The Nature of Things for 44 years and due to that, netizens speculated that he passed away, but there is no truth. Apart from that, people are also searching for Suzuki’s obituary, described below.

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David Suzuki Obituary and Funeral

David Suzuki obituary is one of the hot topics on the web. As said earlier, there is no truth about Suzuki’s death. All the rumors are fake, and the verified media sources have not given anything related to Suzuki’s demise.

Due to that, everyone wants to know about his funeral, too. Moreover, there is no truth about David’s death. Furthermore, this is not the first time the rumors of Suzuki’s passing have come into the media.

David Suzuki Obituary
David Suzuki’s fake news about his death cause led people to search for his obituary. (Source: ITGOV)

In the past, many sources have also shared the news related to this matter. Despite all the ongoing rumors, Suzuki has not said anything about this topic.

Not only that, but the representative of David has also not released anything about David’s demise. So, everyone should stop making speculations about someone’s personal life.

David Suzuki Death Cause: How Did He Die?

Just like David Suzuki’s obituary, online users are also concerned about David’s death cause. As mentioned earlier, David’s death rumors have remained in the media prominence for a long time, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

So, no more info about this topic can be shared. People should also stop making speculations about someone’s personal life. As of now, David himself has stayed far from the media and kept him lowkey.

David Suzuki Death Cause
David Suzuki and his second wife, Tara Elizabeth Cullis are the parents of two kids. (Source: Street Of Toronto)

As of 2023, Suzuki is 87 years old. Meanwhile, there is no information related to his illness, so he is fine.

Apart from that, David was married to Setsuko Joane Sunahara. They remained together from 1958 to 1965 and gave birth to three kids. Further, he married for the second time Tara Elizabeth Cullis, with whom he raised two kids.

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