Davido Adeleke and Chioma with their son Ifeanyi

Davido Adeleke, a well-known Nigerian music star, lost his three-year-old son Ifeanyi Adeleke. 

Davido and his fiancee, Chioma Rowland, had a son named Ifeanyi together. Davido used to share pictures and videos of his son, most often on his Instagram. 

He is a well-known music star, and people have been curious about why his son’s death; he and his parents have been trying to avoid the media for some time. 

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It is always hard to accept someone close person’s dies so he might be dealing with family, so he has been avoiding media and news.

Davido Son Ifeanyi Died In Hospital After Drowning In A Pool

Davido son died after drowning in a pool, and he was taken to the hospital after he drowned in the swimming pool. But the child couldn’t make it, and it was an accident. 

The accident occurred on October 31, 2022, which means it has just been that Davido, a famous music star lost his son. 

The news confirmed that Ifeanyi was taken by his Father, Davido, to his swimming class; he was there to practice. But unfortunately, he drowned inside the pool, only three, and couldn’t make it. 

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Davido Adeleke and his fiancee Chioma recently celebrated Ifeanyi’s birthday. He was born on October 20, 2019, and died in 2022. The couple was soon going to get married and was living a happy life with their son and other children.

It is very hard to accept that Ifeanyi is no longer with Davido; it was black for him and his family. 

After the news broke, many fans and celebrities shared condolences with Davido, his fiancee, and his family. Everyone was shocked to know the reason behind his death, and it was not a natural death.

Ayo Makun, in an Instagram post early Tuesday, wrote, “The death of a child is unnatural, unfair, and tragic, this hit me so bad.
Ayo Makun, in an Instagram post early Tuesday, wrote, “The death of a child is unnatural, unfair, and tragic, this hit me so bad. Image Source: Instagram

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Where Are Ifeanyi Parents, Davido Adeleke, and Chioma 

During the accident, his Father Davido was there for him, he took him to a hospital, but he couldn’t make it.

Davido took some time with his son and took him to his swimming class. He also shared a swimming video with his son, which went viral.

Everyone loved to see the bond between Father and son. During the accident, his mother Chioma was home, giving some time to Father and son.

But after the accident, they have not been in public and have not come out and shared any information. They are trying to avoid the media and news in this sad moment for their family.

Although everyone has accepted that his son Ifeanyi is now more in this world, it is hard for them to get it. It will take some time to go to everything in a normal place.

Davido Adeleke son Ifeanyi
Davido Adeleke son, David Ifeanyi. Image Source: Instagram

The news of his death has been going viral on social media, but his family has not created any of them; not only Davido but his family members non of them have also talked about Ifeanyi till now. 

Hopefully, after some time, they will be able to talk about him, but the reason has been confirmed that he died because of drowning in a swimming pool during practice.

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