Deane Lester Illness

Deane Lester illness – the racing form analyst has battled with various diseases in his life. He was diagnosed with unknown Cancer recently.

Deane Lester is a prominent horse racing form analyst of Australian nationality. He is one of the best judges of a horse in the country.

The Dromana native provides his racing tips and insight on radio, TV and print. The respected form analyst has been passionate about racing and horse.

You might know that Deane has often opened up about various health issues. Sadly, he has been diagnosed with Cancer recently.

Let’s take a detailed look at Lester’s health issues in today’s short article.

Deane Lester Lester Illness – Diagnosed With Cancer Recently

The fan-favorite racing personality Deane Lester has been diagnosed with Cancer recently. However, the medical experts at The Alfred Hospital have not been able to determine the type of Cancer.

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The inability to pinpoint Lester’s problem only postpones the beginning of treatment. While talking at his home station, RSN927, the guru tipster said the type of Cancer and treatment that will go forward is a mystery.

Deane Lester Illness
Deane Lester is determined to fight Cancer. (Image Source: Herald Sun)

The oncologist at the hospital – some of whom have been working in the field for 20 years – have never seen anything like it.

Despite his illness, Lester kept up the effort necessary to continue being the form expert of choice for thousands of bettors, who either listened to RSN927, followed his advice on TV, or used other media sources.

He is renowned for being willing to help anyone in need. But Lester’s job has been halted by the Cancer diagnosis, and he now needs help. While hoping it was not the end, Deane asked for help.

Racing Unites Raised Large Sum To Support Deane Lester’s Fight Against Cancer

The frequently fractious and divided racing business came together with regular punters and supported Deane’s battle against unknown Cancer.

They raised over $200,000 in less than 48 hours to aid Lester via a GoFundMe Campaign set up by RSN927 with assistance from Channel 7 broadcaster Hamish McLachlan, demonstrating the willingness to help.

Deane Lester cancer
The racing business came together with regular punters and raised a huge sum to support Deane’s Cancer battle. (Image Source: The Chronicle)

Lester was humbled when donations soared over the initial goal of $100,000 in the first 24 hours. He said he was overwhelmed with what had happened in the last three days.

The Dromana native expressed his gratitude to everyone who donated.

The Victorian Jockeys’ Association, Racing Victoria, and RSN927 each contributed $10,000. The trainers Mick Price, Gavin Bedggood, and Lindsey Smith also made large donations.

The TAB – which has frequently been the victim of substantial losses brought on by Lester’s tipping abilities – has matched six months’ worth of his radio job income.

Likewise, the chief Executive, Adam Rytenskild, has written to him to give support.

The Cranbourne Turf Club will also raise money for Lester at its Friday night meeting. The radio personality is also determined to fight the nasty disease when the mystery is unveiled.

Deane Lester Other Health Issues

Besides Cancer, Deane also has a kidney issue that necessitates frequent dialysis. The media personality had back surgery last year and has experienced numerous health issues.

He was born with Spina Bifida – a spinal cord defect, which caused complications with his urinary tract. At eighteen, he became the 11th individual worldwide to have a urinary diversion operation. The surgery took eight hours.

Since 2002, Lester has been using a mobility scooter as his walking ability has worsened. In 2019, the form analyst underwent six surgeries to treat a pressure wound on the back of his leg.

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