Dee Ann Warner Missing

Stay updated on the latest developments regarding Dee Ann Warner missing case. Find details and news about the ongoing investigation.

A Lenawee County woman, Dee Ann Warner, has been missing since April 2021 under mysterious circumstances. 

Dees’ family suspects foul play, and investigations continue into her disappearance. Stay updated on the case developments.

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Dee Ann Warner Missing Update 2023

Dee Ann Warner, a resident of Lenawee County, has been missing since April 2021, prompting a complex and ongoing investigation into her disappearance.

The circumstances surrounding her vanishing are shrouded in mystery, raising concerns among family members and friends.

The investigation into Dees’ case has seen the involvement of law enforcement agencies, including the Michigan State Police, who took over the case in August 2022 at the request of Lenawee County Sheriff Troy Bevier.

Private investigators, including attorney Billy Little, have been actively pursuing leads to uncover the truth behind her disappearance.

As the search for answers continues, her family and loved ones remain determined to uncover the circumstances that led to Ann Warners’ disappearance.

Dee Ann Warner Missing
Circumstances surrounding Dee Ann Warner’s vanishing remain shrouded in mystery. (Image Source: NBC News)

With ongoing legal proceedings, suspicions of foul play, and investigations, the case remains complex and unsettling, leaving a community desperate for closure.

The suspicion of foul play has been exacerbated by claims from family members and close friends that Dee was reportedly distressed on the day she vanished, following a heated argument with Dale.

She was allegedly planning to request a divorce that same evening. Legal proceedings have further intensified the situation.

Dale Warner and his associate, Mark Weisberg, were in civil contempt of court for failing to comply with court orders regarding the sharing of crucial financial documents and transactions relating to Dees’ estate.

This development has cast additional doubt on the events surrounding Dees’ disappearance.

Dee Ann Warner Husband Dale Warne Arrested And Jailed

In a significant turn of events, Dale Warner, the husband of Dee Ann Warner, was arrested during a conservatorship hearing in Lenawee County.

This development follows Dees’ prolonged disappearance and Dales’ recent legal troubles.

Ann Warners’ case has been marked by mystery and suspicion. Her husband, Dale Warner, has now been found in contempt of court due to his failure to comply with court orders.

This led to his arrest during the conservatorship hearing. John Polderman, the lawyer representing Dees’ conservator, Charles Bullock, expressed concerns about the lack of compliance with court orders, and the court agreed with their assessment.

The conservatorship aimed to assess and safeguard Dees’ estate, necessitating financial documents from Dale and his assistant, Mark Weisberg.

During the hearing, Weisberg admitted to blocking Poldermans’ access to financial records during a visit to the Warner farm and acknowledged not submitting certain checks due to an oversight.

Dee Ann Warner Missing
Dale Warner, the husband of Dee Ann Warner, has been arrested and jailed following a conservatorship hearing (Image Source: NewsBreak Original

After finding Dale and Weisberg in contempt of court, Lenawee County Probate Court Judge Catherine Sala ordered their arrest.

They were handcuffed and taken to the Lenawee County jail until they provided the required documentation per the court’s directive.

Dees’ family has met this development with a mix of emotions. The “Justice For Dee” movement, led by Kathryn Adams, expressed relief and vindication, believing that this arrest holds Dale accountable for his actions since Dees’ disappearance.

Dees’ family has maintained suspicions about Dales’ involvement in her disappearance.

Despite Dales’ initial objection, her family is currently engaged in a legal battle to declare her legally dead, scheduled for a ruling on August 16.

Her family intends to pursue a civil wrongful death lawsuit against Dale if declared deceased.

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