Deion Patterson Mental Health

The Atlanta mass shooting suspect Deion Patterson mother, Minyone Patterson, revealed that he had some mental instability due to medicine he had gotten from the Veterans’ Affairs Health System.

Police arrested Deion Patterson and identified him as the prime suspect in a mass shooting that occurred on Wednesday at Midtown Atlanta medical center.

The incident has left one dead and four injured. According to Atlanta police, the incident occurred just after noon inside a waiting area at Laureate Medical Center on West Peachtree Street.

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Deion Patterson Mental Health: What Happened To Atlanta Shooter?

Following the mass shooting in Atlanta, people have asked if the shooter had any mental health issues. The case has grabbed massive public attention.

Meanwhile, the suspected shooter’s mother confirmed that her son had some mental health issues.

Deion Patterson Mental Health
Police released the above pictures of Deion Patterson before they arrested him. (Image Source: Daily Mail)

According to his mother, Minyone Patterson, Deion Patterson, the suspect in the Atlanta mass shooting, had some mental instability due to medication he received from the Veterans Affairs Health System.

“He got some messed-up medication from the VA. All he wanted was an Ativan (a medication used to treat anxiety),” his mother explained to the Daily Beast. Minyone claimed that those medicines affected his son’s judgment.

The suspect’s mother further disclosed that he wanted medication for anxiety and depression. But, the VA refused to give him a prescription because it would be “too addictive.”

In addition, Patterson went to the building where the incident occurred for a medical appointment on Wednesday. His mother was also with him, reported CNN.

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Deion Patterson: What Happened In Atlanta Mass Shooting?

Deion Patterson was in the waiting room of Laureate Medical Center with his mother, Minyone Patterson, on Wednesday.

According to Atlanta Police Department Chief Darin Schierbaum, Deion became agitated and shot people, killing one and injuring four people. Deion was discharged from the Coast Guard recently.

Deion Patterson Mental Health
Stuart VanHoozer at press conference – authorities arrested the Atlanta shooting suspect on Wednesday. (Image Source: Daily Mail)

The victim (a woman) who lost her life was 39. The other four injured women are aged between 25 to 71.

After an hours-long search, police found the suspect and barking dogs helped them.  

Mr. Patterson’s police picture shows him wearing a grey sweatshirt, black jeans, grey and white sneakers, a white medical mask, and what seemed to be a tan tactical crossbody bag.

Police officers apprehended the suspect on Wednesday evening. According to authorities, modern surveillance equipment also played a “huge role” in the gunman’s arrest.

A crucial development in the investigation occurred when detectives saw a license plate number on a car the suspected shooter stole.

In a press conference on Wednesday, Stuart VanHoozer, the chief of Cobb County police, said those tools provided clues they needed to arrest the suspect successfully.

The police spokesman claimed that while they gathered information on the suspect, they searched several areas, including a construction site.

Mr. VanHoozer claimed they could take him into custody once an undercover officer eventually confronted the suspect.

A mugshot of Mr. Patterson from a prior arrest was made public by Atlanta police. The Coast Guard veteran was reportedly arrested for possessing marijuana in Henry County.

Crime Stoppers previously offered a reward of $10,000 for information that resulted in the identification and capture of Deion Patterson.

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