Demi Lovato New Album Cover

For being insensitive to Christians, Demi Lovato’s poster was banned.

A poster of Demi Lovato lying on a bed shaped like a crucifix while wearing a bondage-style outfit has been taken down because it offended Christians.

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In the poster, which was displayed in various locations throughout London in August, Lovato was depicted bound in a bondage-style outfit and lying on a sizable, cushioned crucifix.

According to the advertising watchdog, the singer’s new album’s title made blatant use of a swear word and, along with the image, connected sexuality to a holy object.

It was promotional artwork, according to Polydor Records, and they did not find it offensive. Four days later, the poster was taken down.

Demi Lovato New Album Cover Banned: What Happened?

The advertising watchdog determined that a poster promoting U.S. singer Demi Lovato’s new album in the UK was banned as it was likely to offend people seriously by equating sexuality with the crucifix and the crucifixion.

Demi Lovato poster banned
Demi Lovato poster banned for being offensive to Christians. (Source: Twitter)

According to the Advertising Standards Authority, the picture of Ms. Lovato bound up in a bondage-style costume and lying on a mattress shaped like a crucifix drew complaints. It was easy to compare the singer’s position to that of Christ on the cross because her legs were bound to one side.

It featured the singer kissing a black Christ-like figure in a church while dancing around burning crosses. She was expelled from the Vatican in 1992 due to her erotica video, which could only be aired in the wee hours.

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The ASA determined that the poster was likely to be interpreted as linking sexuality to the sacred symbol of the crucifix and the crucifixion, along with the album title, which is a play on a swear word. It stated that Christians were likely to take grave offense to this.

Demi Lovato’s New Album Documented Her Journey

The eighth studio album by Demi Lovato, released in August 2022, details her difficult journey through drug and alcohol addiction, mental health issues, treatment, and recovery.

She began writing it in December 2021, following a voluntarily served stay in rehab. She told the BBC that she was no longer performing pop music and that the album was a rock one.

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The singer is not the first to cause a stir in the religious community. When Madonna’s Like a Prayer video debuted in 1989, Christian organizations denounced it as sinful.

Demi Lovato’s New Album Was Irresponsibly Placed

Additionally, complaints were made to the ASA about the poster promoting Demi Lovato’s album being carelessly displayed in an area where kids could see it.

Before being taken down on August 23, 2022, it was erected in six locations throughout London. The ASA concluded that most readers would understand from the album’s title that it made a profanity-related reference.

Demi Lovato 1
A graphic music video featuring Demi Lovato on a cross dressed in a bondage-style outfit has been taken down. (Source:

The ASA believed that the poster had been irresponsibly targeted because it was displayed in a place where children were likely to see it and were likely to cause serious and widespread offense.

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The ASA decided that the poster must not be displayed in the manner that was complained of again unless it is appropriately targeted. It instructed Universal Music Operations Ltd to ensure that their future advertisements don’t cause serious or widespread offense.

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