Deon Mad Dog

The Jeremy Kyle Show guest star Deon Mad Dog Hulse ***** came on February 26, 2023. Keep reading to learn about his ***** cause and more.

Deon’ Mad Dog’ Hulse was a tattoo fanatic who shot to media prominence after appearing in The Jeremy Kyle show in 2011.

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He appeared in an episode titled ‘How Could My Boyfriend Destroy His Own Face?‘. In the episode, Deaon didn’t care what he looked like.

However, Hulse failed a lie detector test asking if he had slept with other women. After that, Jeremy Kyle said Deon was a liar and commented on Deon’s appearance.

His appearance and his tattoo dragged the eyes of many people. It is reported that he had skulls inked on his face. Now, the tattoo lover has become the talk of the town after his ***** news was announced.

With that, his well-wishers and Jeremy Kyle show viewers are eager to know about Deon’s ***** cause and more which we’ve discussed below in depth.

The Jeremy Kyle Show Guest Star Deon ‘Mad Dog’ Hulse’s Obituary

The family of Deon’ Mad Dog’ Hulse is devasted by his *****. They have already released an obituary and started a GoFundMe page for funerals & memorials.

Donna Cattell created the fundraiser revealing that Hulse passed away on February 26, 2023. At the time of his passing, Mad Dog was 40 years old. 

Deon Mad Dog Hulse Tattoo
Deon Mad Dog Hulse had a skull design tattoo on his face. ( Source: My News GH )

The fundraiser’s bio requested everyone to donate to help his family organize the funeral service. They aim to raise £2,000, and at the time of this article, £430 has been collected.

When the ***** news of the Jeremy Kyle Show guest star was announced, many people who knew him took to social media to pay tribute.

Due to his appearance in the show, he collected a different fanbase, and his ***** has saddened everyone. 

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Deon’ Mad Dog’ Hulse Cause of *****: How Did Jeremy Kyle Show Guest Die?

As of now, Deon’ Mad Dog’ Hulse’s cause of ***** has not been announced. His family revealed that he died on February 26 peacefully in his sleep.

There are no details of Hulse having a severe illness or other diseases. Likewise, there have been no records of Deon getting injured.

Deon Mad Dog Hulse *****
Deon Mad Dog ***** news on Twitter. ( Source: Twitter )

So, we are unable to give further information about his sudden demise. As his fans and well-wishers pay tribute, they are eager to know why Deon died.

With that, Deon’s family may give some hints about his ***** cause in the future. We will also give you more updates about Mad Dog.

Deon’ Mad Dog’ Hulse Tattoo Meaning Explored

The former Jeremy Kyle guest star Deon ‘Mad Dog’ Hulse was famous for his face full of tattoos. He gained widespread recognition after being featured in an episode showing his extreme body modifications.

It is reported that Deon left his girlfriend, Catherine, unhappy with his new inked-up appearance. He had a face tattooed in a skull design.

Deon Mad Dog Hulse
Deon Mad Dog Hulse’s appearance in Jeremy Kyle Show in 2011. ( Source: Mirror )

His then-girlfriend was shocked by her boyfriend’s look. At first, she thought that Deon was just joking. The actual meaning behind Deon getting the skull design tattoo remains unknown as he has not talked openly.

But we can say that Deon’s decision to get that tattoo also ended his relationship with his girlfriend, Catherine. Finally, we also pay our tribute to Deon’ Mad Dog’ Hulse. 

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