Tyler Griffin

Tyler Griffin Colorado: Dezirae Andersen’s boyfriend has been arrested after she fell from the roof of a Times Square hotel after a fight.

Tyler Griffin is an American man whose name has been making rounds online following his detention which came after his girlfriend, Dezirae Andersen death.

Dezirae was a 20-year-old aspiring Actress and model. She reportedly jumped from a Times Square hotel window after getting into a wild and alleged physical altercation with Tyler.

Furthermore, Andersen was found deceased after jumping off the OYO Times Square hotel rooftop at around 10:30 pm on May 2, 2023.

Who Is Dezirae Andersen Boyfriend Tyler Griffin Colorado?

Tyler Griffin is the boyfriend of the late Dezirae Andersen. They were in a relationship, but their Facebook bio reads that they were married to each other.

It is unknown when they began their relationship, but it can be said that they were together for a long time as they also welcomed a baby girl.

Tyler Griffin Colorado
Tyler Griffin and his girlfriend, Dezirae Andersen, gave birth to a baby girl in August 2022. ( Source: Facebook )

Dezirae became a mother of a child for the first time in August 2022. Her Facebook profile is filled with images of her child, and she has also shared some snaps with Tyler.

The details regarding Tyler’s professional life remain unknown, but we know that his late girlfriend was an aspiring Actress and model.

Dezirae studied at University of Colorado Denver. Furthermore, Andersen was from Littleton, Colorado, and had been staying with Tyler and their daughter at the OYO hotel.

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Tyler Griffin Arrested: Dezirae Andersen Boyfriend Charges Details 

Tyler Griffin has been arrested and charged with assault and reckless endangerment. Also, he was charged with hurting the couple’s 8-month-old child.

Police sources say Andersen and Tyler fought in their hotel room on the 10th floor. Tyler allegedly punched Dezirae repeatedly before the duo made it into the hallway.

Tyler Griffin Arrested
Tyler Griffin was arrested and charged with assault and reckless endangerment following his girlfriend’s death. ( Source: New York Post )

The report shows Tyler yanked their daughter’s arm forcefully as the baby girl fell off the stairs, but someone caught the baby at the end of the staircase, and luckily she was unharmed.

Reportedly, Dezirae went to the roof of the Times Square hotel before jumping off it. When the Police arrived at the crime scene, Tyler acted erratically in the hotel lobby. Police reportedly had to use a stun device to stop him.

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Is Tyler Griffin In Jail Now?

Tyler Griffin was arrested following the death of his girlfriend, and he is now in custody. When officers arrived, they found him acting erratically in the hotel lobby and tased him before arresting him.

Tyler was placed in an ambulance and taken to Bellevue Hospital for a mental evaluation. Later, he received criminal charges. The tragic incident happened on May 2.

OYO Scene
Police arrived at the OYO Hotel in Times Square after the death of the 20-year-old mother. ( Source: New York Post )

Furthermore, Griffin was wearing a black hoodie during his court appearance. While exiting the courtroom, he covered his face with its hood and refused to answer a reporter’s questions. He walked silently.

From this, it can be said that he will remain in custody, and New York Post has reported that Griffin’s next court date is arranged for June 15. 

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