Dick Fosbury

People and sports fans are eager to learn about Dick Fosbury’s death cause news of the demise of the renowned athlete was covered by multiple sports media on Sunday.

Richard Douglas Fosbury, alias Dick Fosbury was a professional high jumper from America. He was regarded as one of the most significant athletes in track and field history.

The athlete won a gold medal at the 1968 Olympics with a back-first technique which was unique at that time and completely revolutionized the high jump competition.

The technique got embraced by nearly all high jumpers after Douglas. Fosbury’s different approach allowed him a lower centre of gravity in flight. The high jumper ran diagonally toward the bar, curled, and leapt backwards over it.

After retiring, Doughlas remained active in sports and was on the World Olympians Association’s executive board.

Fosbury ran against Steve Miller in 2014 for a seat in the Idaho House of Representatives but was unsuccessful.

In a 2018 race against incumbent Larry Schoen, Dick won the position and began serving as Blaine County Commissioner in January 2019.

Dick Fosbury’s Death Cause

Dick Fosbury, a high jumper who won a gold medal at the Olympics, passed away at 76.

The American, whose “Fosbury flop” revolutionized the sport, passed suddenly on Sunday. Dick Fosbury’s death cause was reported as lymphoma recurrence.

Fans were shocked when they got the news of the high jumper’s demise and started searching for the cause of Dick Fosbury’s death cause.

After the death news circulated in the media, tributes and condolences flooded in for one of athletics’ most well-known figures.

Dick was identified as having stage-one lymphoma in March 2008. A month later, he underwent surgery to remove a malignant tumour enveloping his lower spine.

The tumour was not entirely removed because of worries about its proximity to the spine. Instead, he underwent chemotherapy.

Dick Fosbury death cause
Dick Fosbury passed away at the age of 76. (Source: SkySports)

The sportsman declared he was in remission in March 2009. The high jumper stated that he was doing well and free of cancer in an interview with the Corvallis Gazette-Times in March 2014.

However, as per the reports, Dick Fosbury’s death caused became a lymphoma recurrence.

The high jumper was survived by his partner, son Erich, and two stepdaughters, Stephanie and Kristin.

Fosbury’s unique method at the 1968 Mexico City Olympics, which differed greatly from the traditional scissor kick form that athletes had previously used, confounded both rivals and spectators.

The high jumper cleared 2.24 meters to win the contest with his unique technique, the “Fosbury flop.”

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Dick Fosbury Obituary

Ray Schulte, the former agent, wrote on his Instagram that he had a heavy heart to deliver the news that longtime friend and client Dick Fosbury @dickfosbury68 died away quietly in his sleep early Sunday morning after a brief illness with a recurrence of lymphoma.

After hearing the news of Dick Fosbury passing away, Ato Bolden, former world 200-meter champion, tweeted Dick Fosbury passed away on Sunday and sent sympathies to his family and friends. Good luck, Fos, from a sport who will always be grateful.

The high jumper was a member of the Global Sports Humanitarian Hall of Fame, the US Olympic Hall of Fame, and the US National Hall of Fame.

Dick Fosbury
Dick Fosbury was photographed at an event. (Source: People)

Dick served as the previous president of the US Olympian and Paralympic Association and the International Olympians Association.

In 2020, Fosbury was chosen to serve a second term as a Blaine County Commissioner. Currently, no funeral services and details have been made publicly available.

The athlete, a retired civil engineer, land surveyor, and co-founder of Galena Engineering, earned a degree in civil engineering technology from Oregon State University.

Dick was the municipal engineer for the City of Ketchum for 25 years. Also, the sportsman led the Southern Idaho Solid Waste District and served on the Friedman Memorial Airport Authority.

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