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Dick Vitale Health: On 17 August 2022, the famous sportcaster took to Twitter and shared that he is officially cancer-free now.

Richard John Vitale, aka Dick Vitale, is a renowned basketball sportcaster from America. The New Jersey native is a former head coach in the college and professional ranks.

Dickie V has been serving as a college basketball broadcaster for ESPN for 41 years. With his career spanning over four decades, the legendary basketball announcer has gained enormous fame and fortune.

In addition, Vitale has authored nine books. After a long battle with Cancer, the sportcaster is now Cancer free. In today’s article, let’s take a detailed look at DIck Vitale’s Cancer journey and his current health.

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Dick Vitale Is Cancer Free Now

On 17 August 2022, the famous sportcaster took to Twitter and shared that he is officially cancer-free now.

Vitale excitedly said Dr. Rick Brown notified him of his major Pet Scan result. He went on the news is something he wishes EVERY Cancer patient could hear. “Dick, you have gone from remission to CANCER-FREE!” said Dr. Brown to Dick.

Vitale thanked all of his well-wishers and fans. Soon after, he announced that he would be on hiatus from doing his job to rest his vocal cords.

Dick Vitale health
Dick Vitale is Cancer free now. (Image Source: Twitter)

Dick Vitale Was Diagnosed With Lymphoma In 2021

Dick Vitale disclosed that he was diagnosed with Lymphoma in October 2021. In an essay published on ESPN on 18 October of the same year, Dick Vitale wrote as a result of some symptoms, he had been undergoing tests, and doctors confirmed it was lymphoma.

Before that, Vitale was battling melanoma, a type of skin Cancer. In August 2021, he informed the public that after multiple surgeries, he had ultimately beaten the disease.

He also clarified that medical professionals didn’t believe the lymphoma diagnosis was related to his melanoma.

In the same essay, the basketball sportscaster revealed that experts told him his disease has a 90% cure rate. As a result, Vitale and his doctors planned to treat the Cancer with steroids and six months of chemotherapy.

The announcer also showcased his fighting spirit and said he would fight and deal with the chemo. Vitale wanted to get back stronger than ever so he could live out his promise to Tony Colton, who passed away in July 2017.

Dick Vitale Health
Dick Vitale has returned to his job after winning a lengthy Cancer battle. (Image Source: Twitter)

Furthermore, the ESPN official’s goal was to get back and do more than ever with his teammates who work with The V Foundation for Cancer Research.

Dick Vitale and late basketball coach Jim Valvano were good friends. Vitale was excited to be calling the Iowa-Duke game on 6 December at the Mecca of College basketball as part of the Jimmy V Classic.

He published an essay titled “Dick Vitale: Remembering Jimmy V today, this week and every day after” on 5 December.

Dick Vitale’s Net Worth And Earning Sources

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Dick Vitale’s net worth and salary are $20 million and $3 million, respectively.

The ESPN analyst ventured into the sports industry in 1963 as a basketball coach. He was a bit resultant when he was offered his first TV opportunity at the then-newly-formed ESPN cable network.

After Dick Vitale’s wife told him to go on TV and have fun, he accepted a temporary but eventually worked full-time. It has already been four decades. And he has garnered insane fame and fortune. In essence, we wish the talented sportscaster Dick Vitale healthy and prosperous life ahead.

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