Asian Doll

Asian Doll has not confirmed dating anyone after King Von in the present day. Do you think Asian Doll cheated on King Von before he was dead? 

Asian, aka Misharron Jermeisha Allen, is an American rapper who is best known for her album “Road Runner” (2017), “Road Runner” (2017), and more. 

She is the first female rapper to sign to Gucci Mane’s 1017 Eskimo Records.

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She goes by diffrent names, Allen, Asian Doll, Asian Da Brat, and Asian. People have loved her personality, and she has a bold and strong-looking personality. 

Did Asian Doll Cheat On King Von With Dougie B?

According to the rumor, Asians cheated on King Von when they were dating, which means she cheated on him before he even died. 

But she has only been seen with Dougie B after the death of King Von, but according to her, they were separated before he was even killed.

Allen and King Von were separated for a reason before he was killed in the year 2020; King was probably single at the time of his death.

Asian Doll and King Von when they were together.
Asian Doll and King Von when they were together. Image Source: Urbanism Landz

They were sometimes off and on with their relationship; in the year 2021, she came out that she was depressed because of the death of King Von. 

So, she was not involved in a relationship with anyone for a year, and she has six tattoos dedicated to her late boyfriend, Von. 

Additionally, the news regarding the cheating with Dougie is just a rumor after the couple was on and off with their relationship.

Although the news about Dougie and Allen being together has come out, she has not yet confirmed the news.

Relationship Timeline And Dating History of Asian Doll

Asian Doll has not confirmed her relationship with anyone in the present day, but Dougie B and Asian have been seen together many times. 

She was in a relationship with King Von from 2018 to 2020; Von was killed in a shooting outside on November 6th, 2022. 

Before the death of Von, the couple was on and off with their relationship; they weren’t on good terms. 

But after the death, Allen mentioned that it was hard for her to accept that he was no more; they had been in a relationship for almost three years. 

After King Von, the news about Allen dating musician Dougie B has been going viral, but she has personally not confirmed the information. 

But Dougie B and Asian have been seen together more often now, and Dougie has shared some clips of them in his Instagram story and on Twitter.

Picture Asian Doll shared with Dougie B in her twitter
Picture Asian Doll shared with Dougie B on her Twitter. Image Source: Twitter

So, after sharing some pictures, people confirmed they had been together. 

Although they have not been confirmed, many sources have been making a rumor about them dating; hopefully, the news will get confirmed about them shared with the public or information. 

The picture shows that Dougie and Allen have a great bond and make a perfect couple. 

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 Asian Doll Net Worth 

According to the Sources, the net worth of a rapper is almost $2 million in [current year]. The rapper’s earnings are from her work and her album, and she also might earn from concerts and programs.

She has not been involved in any other work besides her music career, and she has only focused on making her career in music.

Besides earning from her rapper career, she might have other sources like business and investments, which she has not shared with the public. 

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