Did Bill Nye The Science Guy Go To Jail

A rumor back in September 2019 was spreading about the arrested of Bill Nye, The Science Guy. Connect with us to learn further about the arrest.

William Sanford Nye is the full name of Bill Nye, The Science Guy, a mechanical engineer, science communicator, and television presenter. 

He started getting known by people as Bill Nye when he hosted back of the science television show Bill Nye the Science Guy from 1993 to 1999. 

He is also known for the Netflix show Bill Nye Saves the World, which came in 2017. 

First, when he started his career, he was a stand-up comedian; he started his comedy job in 1978 and ended in 1986. He worked as an Actor and writer for some time as well. 

Did Bill Nye The Science Guy Go To Jail?

The news about Bill Nye was trending new back in 2019, and the information about his arrest for selling drugs came out in public for some time. 

The investigation went on and off, and the truth about the drug dealing was revealed; many sources confirmed that the news was fake. 

People started believing the rumor about the arrest because the truth came out after a long time. 

Some of the articles added the news, like “Bill Nye was arrested in his Los Angeles, investigators became suspicious of Nye taking part in selling and manufacturing drugs. They discovered pounds of illegal drugs and money, including $6 million in cash, in Bill Nye’s secret basement.”

An unknown person published the news, but the information mentioned in the article was claimed to be fake. 

Fake Article about Bill Nye arrest back in 2019.
Fake Article about Bill Nye arrest back in 2019. (Image Source: Pinterest)

Social media has been a good and wrong platform; fake news soon made some people believe it. 

Also, the article went viral, and some did not believe the news was fake. Social media make people blind, and they trust every new share in it. 

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What Did Bill Nye Do? Arrest And Charges

Nye, The Science Guy, was not arrested for doing illegal kinds of stuff; the news about him getting arrested was a rumor. 

He has not been involved in any drug dealing or other illegal stuff for which he was arrested. 

People started believing that he was involved in illegal work because many articles confirmed that he was found with 19% of drug dealing, it was the confirmed news, but it was just a hoax. 

When the news about his arrest came out, he was in his apartment doing his work; he was not arrested for anything that night. 

Nye also confirmed that the news was fake through his social media. After some rumors, people started believing that the information was bogus. 

Many concerned people started passing the comment about his arrest through their tweeter; social media has played a significant role in today’s context. 

Everyone depends on social media, so the news reading anything is believed by people when it comes to any social media platforms. 

Bill Nye
Bill Nye buys drugs in the season 2 trailer for Bill Nye Saves the World. (Source: Entertainment Weekly)

So, after the news about his arrest, many articles were published, making the news the actual reason behind his arrest. 

But the rumor which came in 2019 was untrue, and the news was based upon a fictional article written in 2014, five years back. 

So, The Science Guy was not arrested or charged for any illegal work in 2019, and the news was just a rumor. 

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