Did Chase Cline Cheat On Maddie Cline

Did Chase Stokes cheat on Maddie Cline? What was the reason behind their breakup? Get to know via this article.

Chase Stokes and Maddie Cline are the stars of the Netflix series Outer Banks. 

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Before being involved in Outer Banks, Cline did many television shows and movies, and she was most known for Savannah Sunrise, Boy Erased, This Is the Night, and more.

Also, Stokes did many other movies; before being in the lead role of Outer Banks, he was involved in Stranger Things, The Beach House, and others.

After the couple separated, the reason behind their separation was a top topic to discuss.

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This article will involve the reason and the relationship history of the Actor. Read further to learn more.

Did Chase Stokes Cheat On Maddie Cline?

The rumor about the couple getting separated was out after Stokes and Cline did not attend Met Gala in 2021 together.

The rumor went far; it went on for a long time. There were many rumors about Stokes cheating on Cline. 

After their breakup, Stokes was spotted making out with a random girl, whose identity had not been disclosed yet. After that, people started making rumors, and they believed that Stokes cheated. 

Chase Stokes Caught CHEATING on Madelyn Cline!!!
Chase Stokes Caught CHEATING on Madelyn Cline!!! (Source: YouTube)

But following the rumor, the couple has not shared any information. 

After some time, people confirmed that  Val Bragg made out with Stokes. Then, Caline’s fans and the fans from Outer Banks started commenting negatively on her.

Then, Bragg shared a video, & in a video, she can be seen defending herself against the hate she received from countless Outer Banks fans.

And in a video, she added, “I’ve been getting so many hate comments and DMs & people just calling me a home-wrecker & telling me that I’m the reason why Chase and his ex broke up, & that’s not true whatsoever,”

It seemed like the comment and the rumor was bothering her, and she seemed to be honest.

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Relationship Timeline And Dating History

Chase Stokes and Maddie Cline started their relationship after doing the Netflix original Outer Banks. 

The fans of the series loved the relationship between them in the series, and they wanted them to be together. 

After some time, in June 2020, the couple officially announced being in a relationship in public, and they often seem to share the couple’s pictures on their social media.

They also shared their first anniversary in April 2021, but after some time, they got separated. 

Although the couple has been now separated for almost two years, they have not shared being in a relationship with any other.

Chase Stokes was spotted kissing a mystery woman after his breakup with Madelyn Cline
Chase Stokes was spotted kissing a mystery woman after his breakup with Madelyn Cline. (Source: Page Six)

And after their separation, fans from Outer Banks were curious if they would be seen together in season two. Hopefully, they will be seen together in season two, although they do not share a romantic relationship now.

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