Did David Crosby Get A Liver Transplant

Did David Crosby get a liver transplant before death? After the news of singer Crosby was out, people were anxious to learn more about his health condition before death. 

Crosby was a singer, guitarist, and songwriter; many online portals confirmed his death on Thursday; he died at 81 on January 18, 2023.

He was the founding member of the Byrds and Crosby, Stills & Nash. Crosby was in the team of Byrds since 1964. 

Working with Byrds and CSN, he released more than 35 million albums, which was history-breaking. 

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Many were shocked to hear the news of his death; in 2019, Crosby shared that he feared dying. 

Did David Crosby Get A Liver Transplant?

Yes, Crosby had a liver transplant in 1994, but the news of a liver transplant made controversy as he had been suffering from drugs and addiction for a long time; PhillCollins donated his liver to his friend Crosby. 

Phill was the one who paid for David Crosby liver transplant.
Phill was the one who paid for David Crosby liver transplant. (Image Source: Distractify)

Along with a liver transplant, he has hepatitis C; he has Type 2 diabetes. During the liver transplant, it was hazardous for him, but after the payers of his family and friend, the transplant was successful. 

During his death, he suffered from a long-time illness; the actual reason behind his death has not been disclosed, but it was confirmed that he was ill. 

After having a liver transplant, he also had heart surgery; he suffered three heart attacks, so he has a fear of dying for a long time, he mentioned. 

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Death Cause And Obituary

Crosby’s family has not publicly declared any cause of his death, which seems natural. But as per some online portal, he was ill for a long time, and his suffering from illness was not out in public. 

Crosby was concerned about his health after he suffered three heart attacks and had eight stents put into his chest. 

After the liver transplant, he was taking care of his health; he stopped taking drugs and alcohol. 

Crosby was an influential person who had surgery and a transplant and also suffered from many diseases he had up to 81 years. 

David Crosby, rock star and CSNY co-founder, dies
David Crosby, rock star and CSNY co-founder, dies on January 18, 2023. (Image Source: The Philadelphia Inquire)

Crosby’s drug use left him bloated and broke. He was also arrested on drug charges in 1985 and spent a year and a half in prison. 

So, the reason behind his death has not been out, but his family has officially confirmed the news, and his sister-in-law shared a message on the Internet after his death. 

The singer was surrounded by his family when he had his last breath, along now he is not here, his song will always be alive with us. 

Crosby has three children with three different women, Erika with Jackie Guthrie and Donovan Crosby with his girlfriend, Debbie Donovan.

And lastly, he shares a son, Django Crosby, with his wife, Jan Dance; when Jan was pregnant, he had treatment for his liver and feared that he would never see his son.

In 2019, he opened up about his health condition and how he is dealing with it; he mentioned he has been spending his time with his family and has a fear of dying.

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