Did Gabrielle Union get Divorced from Dwyane Wade

Did Gabrielle Union get Divorced from Dwyane Wade? With so much rumors and speculation circulating around it’s time to know the truth.

NBA legend Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union are one of the most powerful and steady couples in the entertainment world.

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The smitten pair have been together married since 2014. They walked down the aisle after dating for five years.

Since then, the pair has been together merrily. In addition, they lead a blended and beautiful family.

However, recent rumors have claimed that the former athlete and the actress’s marriage is shaky.

Not only that, but several media outlets reported that the married duo is probably in the process of divorce. Find out how much talk is true.

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Did Gabrielle Union Get Divorced With Dwyane Wade?

Contrary to circulating rumors, the marriage between Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade, the former Miami Heat superstar, is going strong.

The gossip site reported potential issues that could lead to a divorce, but these reports remain unconfirmed.

Did Gabrielle Union get Divorced from Dwyane Wade
Gabrielle is still with her husband, Dwyane Wade, an NBA legend. (Image Source: Instagram)

Moreover, as reported by Marca, the rumors began when Union stopped posting images of Wade and their children.

She reportedly focused instead on herself and their daughter, Kaavia. To clarify, the gorgeous actress is, known for frequently sharing family photos.

This unusual shift in her social media behavior led to speculation about the couple’s relationship status.

Furthermore, it was reported that both Union and Wade were spotted without their wedding rings a few months ago.

Numerous recent posts on their respective social media accounts corroborate this observation.

This could potentially indicate that they are experiencing some marital difficulties.

The reason for these possible issues remains unclear, especially considering their apparent strong bond.

Gabrielle Union Shared Pictures With Dwyane Wade

Despite the rumors, Union and Wade have always appeared content and happy in their relationship, leaving many to wonder what could lead to a divorce.

The actress recently shared a heartwarming family picture, including Wade, on her social media.

Accompanying the picture was a touching caption: “This year we asked for the gift of family, and we were more than blessed. Wishing you and your blessings upon blessings.”

Similarly, the NBA legend’s better half posted a photo of herself, Wade, and Kaavia in their Halloween costumes.

Though she focused the post on their daughter, these posts suggest that the family continues sharing joyful moments.

Why did Gabrielle Union attend a Christmas Party with Dwyane Wade?

Recently, Gabrielle Union was spotted enjoying a Christmas party with rapper OT Genasis, noticeably without her husband, Dwyane Wade.

Did Gabrielle Union get Divorced from Dwyane Wade
Neither Gabrielle Union nor Dwyane Wade has addressed their split rumors. (Image Source: Today)

The event was a star-studded affair, with celebrities like Kim Kardashian joining Union in a festive celebration.

The venue was beautifully decorated, exuding a sophisticated Christmas ambiance that perfectly complemented the high-profile guests.

This sparked curiosity among observers, leading to speculation about potential issues between Union and Wade.

However, it’s important to note that while Union was showcasing her dance moves at the party, Wade, now a TNT NBA analyst, was preparing for his Christmas Day broadcast.

Therefore, it can be concluded that there is no trouble in their marriage.

Also, Wade’s absence at the party with Union was due to his professional commitments as a TNT NBA analyst.

As always, relying on official statements for accurate information about their relationship status is crucial.

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