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Gwen Stefani has done much work with her face to look different, like face lifts, Botox, and a nose job. But Do you think Gwen Stefani Get Lips Surgery?

American singer, songwriter, and fashion designer Gwen Stefani was born in Fullerton, California, on October 3, 1969.

Stefani has received three grammy awards now. As a solo artist, she has been awarded an American Music Award, Brit Award, World Music Award, and two Billboard Music Awards. 

She has been a member of the No Doubt band since she started her singing career; she has released six albums with the band and four solo albums till now.

Did Gwen Stefani Get Lips Surgery?

Gwen Stefani’s fans think she’s had a lip lift; it looks diffrent with her lips now and in the past. She has not confirmed the news yet.

A YouTuber claimed that Gwen Stefani had undergone a couple of major surgery in a couple of years; she contended that Stefani had face lifts, Botox, and a nose job.

A YouTuber named Lorry claimed that she had a different shape of the nose, which seemed to be in perfect condition after the surgery.

She claimed that her eyelid seems much heavier than in the past, which can also be seen in pictures.

And she thinks that she also had lips filler which does not include in the surgery; she might only have a simple change with lips filler which is mainly done to hide upper gums.

We can also see some apparent differences in her lips, which can confirm the news shared by Lorry. 

A clear picture where we can see difference between Gwen Stefani lips now.
A clear picture where we can see the difference between Gwen Stefani’s lips now. (Image Source: The Teal Mango)

The lorry has talked about the surgery she has done in the past with clarification that cannot be questioned.

Although Stafine has not confirmed any news regarding her surgery, she mentioned that she might have changed something to look young.

Every celebrity does some kind of surgery to work in the industry, so Stafine also did change some features to look different.

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Before And After Photos Explained 

Gwen has been many surgeries throughout her career, and with some changes, we can see that she had a chin lift up while starting her career. 

Her nose seems to be diffrent in pictures of her past; her nose appears to be narrowed at the base before, which looks to be in shape now.

She has changed something with her eyebrows and eyes; her eyelid seems more significant than in her past pictures. Stefani had altered the shape of her eyebrow more than in her past.

And her eyelids seem to be at the whole place, where she never had in her pictures before 2000. 

Gwen Stefani Before & After Pictures
Gwen Stefani Before & After Pictures: Has Gwen Stefani Had Plastic Surgery? (Image Source: The Current Online))

Then, with a difference in her eyes, we can see the difference in her lips; probably, she had a lips filler. And the shape of her jaw also looks somehow diffrent, so the Youtuber claimed that she might have her neck lifted.

Not only in her face, but she has also made some changes in her body with her career; she has almost changed every part of her face.

Although she has not claimed many surgeries, we can see a clear difference between her in the 1990s and now. 

Therefore, we can claim that she had surgery on her face and lip filler a few years back.

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