Did Mitch Hibberd Cheated On Tina Provis With

“Mitch Hibberd cheated on Tina Provis with Emily Ward” has been highly publicized in the media outlets after the news flow over. Many people are concerned if the information is true or false!

Similarly, they occurred as a contestant on the third season of Nine Network’s dating reality show Love Island Australia. With this, the viewers have acknowledged them as a reality television stars.

The program showcases a group of single men and women living together in a beautiful location for a few weeks.

Soon, they face various challenges as they try to find the right love partner and target to win the grand prize.

With this, significant controversies, twists, and turns appear in the show, leading the viewers to have different assumptions regarding a matter.

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Did Mitch Hibberd Cheat On Tina Provis With Emily Ward?

Mitch Hibberd and his partner Tina Provis were dating during Love Island Australia. They were crowned the winners during the final broadcast on the 24th of November 2021.

Love Island’s Tina Provis Throws Shade at Emily Ward and Mitch Hibberd Following Break Up
Love Island’s Tina Provis Throws Shade at Emily Ward and Mitch Hibberd Following Break Up (Source- So Dramatic)

After declaring the duo winners, they were rewarded with 50,000 dollars in prize money. However, they announced their split after the show.

Tina was sad when Hibberd disclosed he no longer wanted to be in a relationship with her. Many believe he instead wanted to be with Emily, his original love interest in the villa.

There was a massive controversy about him cheating, but later, Tina confirmed that Mitch moved on rather quickly with a fellow Love Island star after rumors had swelled about the couple.

With the speculation, many people regarded him as a cheater as he moved on quickly.

Mitch Hibberd Dating History Besides Tina And Emily

According to So Dramatic, Mitch Hibberd was dating another Islander, Jessie Wynter, besides Tina and Emily.

After the talk spread about them, two stars were spotted back in June 2021 by an eagle-eyed Drama army member.

Besides that, Jessie is not the only girl he has been with but a blonde reality TV star and AFL player Mitch is also said to have an association with Charlotte McCrystal.

As seen in episode 117 of the So Dramatic! podcast, Big Brother’s Charlotte McCristal revealed that Mitch was into her messages and sent her constant messages.

Moreover, many people have considered him a playboy who constantly has an eye on different girls.

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AFL draft 2015: Mitchell Hibberd does it the hard way, twice.
AFL draft 2015: Mitchell Hibberd does it the hard way, twice (Source- Youtube)

Mitch Hibberd Net Worth From Diversified Career

According to All Famous Birthday, Mitch Hibberd is estimated to have a net worth of 5 million dollars from his diversified career as a reality television star and football player.

Likewise, he is a rules football player for Australian Football League clubs, including North Melbourne and Essendon, and Victorian Football League club Williamstown from Australia.

He is a prominent face in football who spent the 2019 season with the Victorian Football League club Williamstown. He was titled in the VFL Team of the Year and directed the club for votes in the J.J. Liston Trophy count.

Mitch has also risen as a dating television reality star after he won the third season of Nine Network’s Love Island Australia. After winning, he won 50,000 dollars in prize money.

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