Pat Kirkwood Cheat

Did Pat Kirkwood cheat on Peter Knight with Prince Philip? But ever since rumors about his connection with Pat Kirkwood began to spread, people have frequently speculated about Prince Philip’s monogamy.

For 70 years, Queen Elizabeth and her husband, Prince Philip have been together, for better or worse. On February 24, 1921, Pat Kirkwood was born in Pendleton, Lancashire.

She was a stage Actress, singer, and dancer from the United Kingdom who appeared in movies, radio, and television.

She had her television series on the BBC for the first time. Be with us and know did Pat Kirkwood Cheat On Peter Knight.

She was 86 years old when she passed away on Christmas Day 2007 at the Kitwood House care home in Ilkley, West Yorkshire, having been given an Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis.

Did Pat Kirkwood Cheat On Peter Knight With Prince Philip?

Rumors of Prince Philip’s supposed indiscretions have persisted for the majority of the couple’s 70-year marriage.

People still ponder how he abandoned his wife and two small children, Charles and Anne, for a trip through remote Commonwealth outposts in late 1956. There was a rumor of crazy parties that persisted for more than four months.

Although the verdict is yet out, it doesn’t seem likely that anything suspicious could have happened without the knowledge of at least some of the 220 men and 20 officers that made up the royal yacht Britannia’s crew.

Prince Philip has frequently drawn attention when spotted spending time with beautiful ladies, even though infidelity has never been proven.

Pat Kirkwood Cheat
Pat Kirkwood and Prince Philip. (Source: Daily Mail)

In 1948, Pat met the 27-year-old Duke of Edinburgh in her dressing room at the Hippodrome Theatre in London.

That evening, Pat, also 27, was driven erratically by Philip in his sports vehicle to Les Ambassadeurs, a Mayfair restaurant where the two had supper.

Afterward, they went to a club where they partied till the sun came up while dancing next to each other.

Reporters at the time claimed that the two ate breakfast together the following morning. Charles was eight months pregnant with the Queen, Princess Elizabeth.

More Details on Pat Kirkwood & Prince Philip Relationship

Six more occasions in which Philip and Pat are believed to have enjoyed one other’s Company are reported, leading to rumors of a possible romance.

But their time together quickly turned sour after their friendship made headlines worldwide, including “The Prince and the Showgirl.”

Pat Kirkwood cheat
Pat and prince Philip’s dating rumors have always been a topic of interest. (Source: New Idea )

Pat denied having an affair and claimed their friendship “ruined her life” when the Palace wouldn’t refute the rumors.

Her friends think that despite 60 years of fame, she never received any official honors because of her relationship with Philip.

In letters to Philip discovered after her 2007 death at age 86, she denied having an affair, calling the rumors “ridiculous” perpetuated by “evil-minded” individuals.

Who were Pat Kirkwood Husbands?

In 1940, Pat’s first husband was Jack Lister, a theatre manager. The marriage fell apart when Pat had a nervous breakdown and spent eight months in a New York sanitarium.

She wed the Greek shipowner Spiro “Sparky” de Spero Gabriele in 1952. Two years later, he passed away from a heart attack.

Pat Kirkwood cheat
Pat in her modeling photoshoot. (Source: Daily Mail)

In 1956, she married Hubert Gregg, an Actor, dramatist, and composer. He composed popular songs like Maybe It’s Because I’m A Londoner. After 23 years, their marriage was over.

Just two years later, Pat married her fourth spouse. She is survived by Peter Knight, a retired attorney and president of the Bradford & Bingley Building Society.

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