Did Raegan Medgie Leave Fox News

Did Raegan Medgie Leave Fox News? Get the latest updates on her career and where she’s headed next.

Raegan Medgie is a seasoned journalist and meteorologist with over two decades of experience.

She joined FOX 5 News in 2017 and earned her meteorology designation from Penn State University’s Department of Meteorology and Atmospheric Science in 2021.

Before FOX 5, she worked at The Weather Channel and WCBS/CBS2 New York, gaining expertise in weather reporting.

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Did Raegan Medgie Leave Fox News?

Raegan Medgie, a well-known journalist and meteorologist, recently made a significant announcement on her social media platform.

In a post, she shared a message accompanied by a catchy hashtag: #martiniswmedgie with a “Breaking News-Tini.”

The post contained exciting and bittersweet news for her followers. Raegan revealed that her final day at FOX 5 NY was set for Friday, October 6.

This signalled a significant change in her career, suggesting that she was moving on to new opportunities beyond her current role.

However, she assured her audience not to fear, as she cryptically mentioned, “I’ll still be shakinitbaby.”

The reference to “shakinitbaby” appears to be linked to a cocktail recipe, adding a touch of whimsy to her announcement.

She included a recipe for a “Wet Martini,” which called for 2 ounces of gin or vodka and 1 ounce of dry vermouth.

The cocktail-making process was playfully emphasized with the repeated hashtag #shakeshakeshake, adding a sense of flair to her departure announcement.

Did Raegan Medgie Leave Fox News
Raegan Medgie’s departure from Fox News was confirmed on October 6, 2023 (Image Source: Facebook)

Raegan suggested a lemon peel garnish to complete the drink, adding a zesty twist to the classic martini.

In summary, Raegan Medgie’s post not only disclosed her departure from Fox 5 NY but also teased upcoming adventures.

Alongside this news, she shared a delightful cocktail recipe, injecting a sense of creativity and lightheartedness.

Her hashtags conveyed optimism and enthusiasm, leaving her audience intrigued and eager to follow her future endeavors.

This engaging post offered a glimpse into what lies ahead in her career, generating excitement and curiosity among her followers.

Raegan Medgie Salary And New Job

There hasn’t been any confirmation regarding Raegan Medgie’s new job or details about her salary.

Medgie is a dedicated and experienced journalist and meteorologist with a career spanning over two decades. Her work has been recognized and appreciated by her audience and peers alike.

Whether she’s pursuing new endeavors or taking a break from the public eye, we can wish her the best of luck in all her future endeavors.

In the dynamic world of media, professionals often evolve and adapt, and Raegan Medgie’s journey is likely no different.

Did Raegan Medgie Leave Fox News
Raegan Medgie’s future remains uncertain; we wish her success ahead. (Image Source: Facebook)

Her well-wishers can stay connected with her through her social media channels and official announcements for any updates on her career.

Ultimately, as there’s no official information available about her new job or salary, we respect her choices and look forward to any news she may choose to share in the future.

As we await any updates she may choose to provide in the future, we can wholeheartedly extend our best wishes to Raegan.

We hope for her continued success and happiness, both in her professional journey and her personal life.

Medgie’s significant contributions to journalism and meteorology have left a lasting impact. We eagerly anticipate her future endeavors and her career’s exciting direction.

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