Ryan Giggs Cheat and relationship timeline

People want to know about the Welsh Football Coach’s Scandal. Does the leaked source prove that Ryan Giggs cheated on his wife? Let’s investigate more to find out. 

Ryan Giggs is a former football player and was among the best players of his generation. He is now the Welsh football coach. 

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He played for Machester United and held the temporary manager position in the club.

Giggs was one of the famous footballers who started his career at Manchester City. In 1987, Giggs, 14, transferred to MU as a left midfielder. 

He made his official club debut in 1991 and played for the club’s first team for 23 years. 

The explosive reveal of former MU player Ryan Giggs was leaked online, turning the public’s eye. The current manager had an affair with his brother’s wife. Please stick with us till we unfold this reality.

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Did Ryan Giggs Cheat On His Wife With Natasha? Scandal Explained

Welsh football coach Ryan Giggs reportedly cheated on his wife, Stacey Cooke. Giggs had a long eight-year extramarital affair with his brother’s wife, Natasha Lever. 

Ryan Giggs Cheat
Ryan Giggs Cheated on his wife with Natasha, his brother’s wife. (Source: Closer Online)

Giggs’s extramarital affair with the wife of his brother Rhodri was revealed to the public in 2011. The coach and his brother’s wife, Natasha, were romantically involved for eight years.

Moreover, Natasha revealed that she had aborted Giggs’s child in 2010. Giggs was still married to his ex-wife Cooke and had fathered children with her. 

After multiple cheating allegations, they divorced in 2017

Cleverly, the man managed to keep his eight-year-long affair with his sister-in-law hidden from everyone. 

Ryan’s brother Rhodri met Natasha in 2003, and they began dating. In 2010, Rhodri and Natasha tied the knot.

Yes, Natasha was cheating on Rhodri with her brother-in-law Ryan at the time and even aborted a child. 

Although their extramarital affair was released online, Rhodri gave his wife a chance, but it never worked out. They divorced in 2013. 

Natasha revealed her secrets in Celebrity Big Brother as well. 

According to multiple reports, the two brothers, Rhodri and Ryan, became rivals and are no longer in contact.

However, Rhodri reveals that his brother Ryan was preferred by his family and thinks his career was affected by the continued disclosure of their affair.

Moreover, Ryan had a six-month relationship with former Miss Wales Imogen Thomas. The two first met in September 2010.

Reportedly, Giggs spent at least £150 Thousand to hide the relationship with the Big Brother contestant. However, Liberal Democrat MP John Hemming exposed him vigorously in Parliament.

Also, Ryan requested media and his fans not discuss this topic any longer. It seems like now he doesn’t want to ruin his professional career.

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Ryan Giggs Affair And Relationship Timeline

Football coach Ryan Giggs is currently dating Zara Charles. His new girlfriend, Charles, 33, is 14 years junior to her former footballer boyfriend. 

She is a lingerie model. Giggs and Charles have been spotted together on multiple occasions.

Ryan Giggs new girlfriend
Ryan Giggs is with his new girlfriend, Zara Charles. (Source: The Mirror)

However, they might have challenging times ahead as Giggs has a history of failed, scandalous and violent relationships. 

The former Manchester United and Wales winger has a retrial for allegedly violent behavior. He assaulted his ex-partner Kate Greville and her sister Emma.

As mentioned earlier, Giggs had an eight-year-long affair with his sister-in-law Natasha. Giggs faced backlash, and his scandal shocked the football world and beyond.

According to multiple sources, Giggs has been in many relationships. The man has dated several women, including Imogen Thomas (2011- six months), Gemma Atkinson, and Kate Greville.

Furthermore, his ex-partners include Lisa Jeynes, Rachel Hunter, Dani Behr, Caroline Stanbury, and Davinia Taylor. He dated Hunter in 2001, Stanbury in 2002, Taylor from 1995 to 1997, and Behr from 1994 to 1995. It looks like the former MU star is a womanizer. 

Giggs was arrested in November 2020 for allegedly assaulting his ex-girlfriend, Kate Greville, and her younger sister, Emma. Despite his denial, he will face a retrial on 12 July 2023.

Moreover, Giggs tied the knot with his long-time girlfriend, Stacey Cooke, on 7 September 2007. He cheated on Cooke with several women, so his wife divorced him in 2017 after ten years of marriage.

He has two kids with his ex-wife Cooke, daughter Liberty Beau Giggs, and son Zachary Joseph Giggs.

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