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Saweetie did not cheat on Quavo with Offset; the news about Saweetie cheating is just a hoax. 

Saweetie and Quavo were in a relationship for a long time, but they got separated on March 2021, with a mutual understanding. 

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After the couple separated, people commented negatively on Saweetie and the famous rapper Quavo. 

Both took it as a normal hoax, but the rumor about Saweetie cheating has been going viral since October 2022. 

Did Saweetie Cheated On Quavo With Offset?

No, Saweetie did not cheat; the couple separated for one year. But the rumor started after the new album Quavo got released on October 7, 2022. 

After the album got released, people started assuming that the lyrics were for his ex-girlfriend Saweetie. 

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The line from the album, “I said ‘Caresha, please’ ’cause she too messy / B***h F***k my dawg behind my back but I ain’t stressin’ / You wanted the gang? You should have just said it, and we would’ve just blessed it / Now shit got messy,” Huncho rapped on the song “Messy.” it was the one where people started the rumor after Saweetie cheating on Quavo with his cousin Offset.

Many of his fans started tweeting about how their relationship of them was messy, some of the people started passing negative comments to Saweetie, and some tried giving to Quavo. 

Tweet from a fan about a rumor
Tweet from a fan about a rumor. Image Source: Twitter

Offset was also having problems with all the news. But the lyrics were not related to anything about Saweetie or Offset. 

Quavo did not hint anything about his ex-girlfriend Saweetie; the reason behind their breakup hasn’t come out, so people have been assuming many reasons themselves which are true.

After some time, the rapper cleared out that non of his lyrics has to address anything about his past. So, the news of cheating is just a hoax people passed in public, which many believed. 

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Relationship Timeline And Dating History of Quavo

Quavo was in a relationship with Saweetie for three long years, but currently, he is single.

The couple met during the summer of 2018, and people started talking about them as news. So, Saweetie confirmed that she was dating Quavo in September 2018.

They were often seen together in public, and Saweetie often is in the Quavo program to stand as a support system. The crowd loved the couple; they seemed to bond well.

Also, they used to support each other with their work, but the news of their separation came out in March 2021.

Quavo and Saweetie pictured before their split.
Quavo and Saweetie pictured before their split. Image Source: VIBE

It was shocking news for all his fans; they did not clear out the reason behind their separation, so many people passed negative comments during the time.

The reason behind their breakup has not come out to date, and they will probably not get back together because it has been a year. 

Before dating Saweetie in 2020, he was in a relationship with many of them. He dated Bernice Burgos for one year and separated in 2018.

Then, he was with Iggy Azalea for some time. Karrueche Tran and Lira Mercer were also his girlfriends for some time.

So, he has been in public with everyone but has not been married or engaged to date.

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