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Explore Diego Cantero Wikipedia, age and personal life information through this article. 

Diego Cantero is a talented singer-songwriter whose music continues to captivate audiences in Spain and beyond.

Cantero is known as a “Funambulist”; his musical career began when he was five. 

The singer and songwriter were interested in music from a very young age, and his parents also allowed and supported him through his career choice.

Besides his professional life information, people are often curious about his family, wife, age, and net worth. 

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Diego Cantero Wikipedia And Edad (Age) 

Cantero was born in Spain in the year 1982, which means he is currently 42 years old. 

Cantero is a talented singer-songwriter from Murcia, Spain, who rose to prominence after winning a national contest for singer-songwriters in Ceutí.

Despite his surprise at winning the contest, Cantero’s talent for songwriting has made him a promising artist in the Spanish music scene.

He won a national singer-songwriter contest, beating over a hundred applicants, further establishing his reputation as a talented artist.

He enrolled in a music academy where he studied piano for seven years and four years of music theory and classical guitar. This early training provided a solid foundation for his future musical endeavours.

The soul and voice of Funambulista, Diego Cantero.
The soul and voice of Funambulista, Diego Cantero. (Image Source: Vanitatis)

Cantero has released several albums, including his debut album “Por la Mañana y Por la Noche” in 2011, which received critical acclaim.

He has also collaborated with other artists and performed at various music festivals in Spain. He is known for his introspective and emotional songs reflecting personal experiences and relationships.

Some of his popular music is “El Duelo”, “Un Millón de Cicatrices”, “De los Besos Que Te Di,” “Soldadito de Hierro”, and “Soldadito de Hierro.”

Additionally, Cantero’s unique style of songwriting and music has won him a dedicated following in Spain, and his albums continue to be popular with fans of Spanish-language music.

Meet Diego Cantero Padre (Father) And Madre (Mother)

Diego was born to his parents in Molina de Segura, Murcia, Spain. He was taken from a musical family background. 

His parents were both music teachers, which likely influenced his early exposure to music and his decision to pursue a career as a singer-songwriter.

Cantero parents sent him to music classes at a young age, so he won the “Mola Joven 2000” contest in Molina de Segura at 18.

"Funambulista" singer Diego Cantero performs on "Pasapalabra" TV show.
“Funambulista” singer Diego Cantero performs on the “Pasapalabra” TV show. (Image Source: Las Provincias)

His parents supported his career and were present at the competition to cheer him up. 

But they have kept a shallow profile and have not publicly shared much personal information about their life. 

Also, the singer has not shared any pictures or related information about his parents on social media

Who Is Diego Cantero Novia (Girlfriend)? 

The singer is very private about his life and does not seem to be in a romantic relationship. 

His current relationship status is unavailable; it might be because he is single. The singer might at least have had one relationship previously, but he is currently single. 

It is his choice to keep his romatic life information private; if he has chosen to keep it confidential, we should respect his privacy. 

The singer has not shared any questionable pictures on his Instagram as well. He has not shared many images on his account. 

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