Diego Guauque Enfermedad

People are curious to know about Diego Guauque Enfermedad and Salud. The journalist is fighting his battle against Cancer.

Diego Guauque is a renowned journalist from Caracol Television. The Colombian journalist is well-known in his country and has been devoted to finding the truth and exposing the injustices in his nation.

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The brilliant journalist is regarded as one of Colombia’s best and most distinguished journalists.

Further, many individuals have been motivated by his work to defend their rights and demand the authorities to be accountable.

Additionally, Guauque learned investigative journalism at Noticias Uno, a Colombian news program, where he started his professional career as a journalist.

Furthermore, Diego covered a range of issues and events for several news organizations, including NTC Noticias, RTV, and Canal RCN.

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Diego Guauque Enfermedad (Illness) And Salud (Health) 2023: Battled With Cancer

Regarding Diego Guauque’s Enfermedad, he was diagnosed with cancer a few months ago. He is under treatment and fighting his cancer battle very courageously.

His strength and positivity in fighting Cancer have gained the attention of the media and the public.

Moreover, the journalist has recently been very active on social media, sharing information on his cancer treatment with his followers.

Diego got the unfortunate news that a little boy fighting leukemia had died during treatment.

Even though he met him recently, he established a beautiful friendship with the little boy, who fought for his life until the last moment. Diego even interviewed the boy so that everyone knew his story.

Diego Guauque Enfermedad
Diego Guauque was diagnosed with cancer in January. (Source: Infobae)

In his conversation with the boy Thomas, the Caracol Television journalist admitted that he had given Thomas some advice on dealing with this severe illness and his inspiration to carry on in our world.

In addition, Diego Guauque returned to social media after informing his fans a few weeks ago that he had cancer after undergoing multiple chemotherapy treatments and undergoing surgery.

Thousands of people followed his treatment process with bated breath, and the good news delighted them.

Likewise, the renowned reporter shared a video on his Instagram explaining the process he had gone through during his Cancer treatment.

Despite the world continuing, he was positive about what he would face in the com. He gave and gave his followers a message of tranquility as he entered the remaining stages of his recovery.

Furthermore, his Instagram is named diego_reportero and has gained 326K followers.

Meet Diego Guauque Wife Alejandra Rodríguez And Children

Diego Guauque’s wife, Alejandra Rodriguez, is a journalist like her husband. They have also worked together professionally.

Moreover, they have been together for many years and met on the working sets for the first time.

The couple shared their love story in one of the interviews. They revealed how their connection initially began as a work colleague but gradually developed into something more.

Diego Guauque Enfermedad
Diego Guauque’s wife is also a journalist and they have worked together several times. (Source: Publimetro)

The love birds spent a lot of time together, which led them to be sure about each other, and looking back on the decision; they made, they are pleased now.

Diego had a daughter from his previous relationship. He has a son with his wife Alejandra and happily enjoys their married life together.

Guauque’s wife loves her stepdaughter very much and treats her like her own daughter. Their bond is powerful as, like a friend, the family of four is living their life blissfully.

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