Diego Guauque Wikipedia

Due to his courageous cancer battle, many people are looking for Diego Guauque wikipedia to learn more about his life and career as a journalist.

Some individuals’ names in journalism stand for integrity, professionalism, and passion. Diego Guauque is one of them.

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Diego Guauque is a well-known journalist from Colombia. He has dedicated his life to uncovering the truth and exposing the injustices in his country.

Sadly, Guauque was diagnosed with cancer, which earned him much praise for being strong. His cancer (leiomyosarcoma) battle has garnered significant public and media attention.

Due to this, many people are eager to learn more about his personal and professional life. Let’s unpack all the known details about him below.

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Diego Guauque Wikipedia, Boigrafia And Edad: How Old The Journalist?

While numerous people are looking for Diego Guauque Wikipedia, he doesn’t have a dedicated page. However, several local news outlets have covered about his personal and professional life.

Diego Guauque Wikipedia
Colombian journalist Diego Guauque is a cancer survivor. (Image Source: Semana)

Talking about his age, Diego Guauque was born in 1979 in Bogota. Thus as of 2024, the skilled journalist is 45 years old.

Guauque is a prominent Colombian journalist. He works for the TV program Séptimo Día on Caracol Televisión. He investigates and reports on various social issues and citizen complaints in the show.

The talented journalist is one of Colombia’s most respected and awarded journalists. His work has inspired many people to fight for their rights and demand accountability from the authorities.

He began his professional career as a journalist in Noticias Uno, a Colombian news program and learned to do investigative journalism.

Diego worked in various news outlets covering different topics and events, including NTC Noticias, RTV, and Canal RCN.

He joined Caracol Televisión in 2009 and became part of the team of Séptimo Día, a television show that focuses on social issues and citizen complaints.

He has earned recognition for his rigorous and informative reports on subjects such as health, education, corruption, human rights, environment, and culture.

As a result of his work, he received several awards and nominations.

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Diego Guauque Wife And Children

The journalist Alejandra Rodríguez is the wife of Diego Guauque. His wife has also worked with him as a producer on Séptimo Día. They have been together for several years.

Diego Guauque Wikipedia
Diego Guauque’w wife, Alejandra Rodríguez, is also a journalist and has worked with him on several projects. (Image Soruce: Semana)

The television show gave Diego recognition as a journalist and reporter and helped him find his soulmate.

In an interview with the Bravísimo program, the two journalists revealed how they fell in love.

They explained that their relationship started as work-related but slowly evolved into something more. Spending a lot of time together made them decide to take a chance, which they are happy about today.

They both confessed that they had partners when they began to like each other; However, their relationships were not working out, which fostered their love.

Guauque dealt with a hard circumstance because he stated that he remained for the love of his daughter, but not because he was really happy, something that inspired him to renew his love life with who is now his teammate and wife.

Diego has one daughter from his previous relationship and one son with his current wife. The married duo has been leading a happy family of four.

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