Dillon Reeves Parents

Michigan boy Dillon Reeves lauded for stopping bus crash after driver fainted. Find out about the incident, and Dillon Reeves parents’ information via this article. 

Dillon Reeves, a seventh-grader, is being praised for his quick thinking and actions that helped save a bus driver and other students after school.

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Dillon noticed the driver was in distress, stepped up to the front of the bus, and safely stopped it without incident.

The public widely recognized and praised Dillon’s bravery after a video of him taking control when the driver fainted went viral.

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Michigan Dillon Reeves Parents Steve And Ireta Reeves

Dillon Reeves was born to Ireta and Steve Reeves in 2010. Dillon Reeves parents spoke at a news conference on Thursday about how proud they were of their son’s heroic actions.

Ireta revealed that watching the video of the bus driver losing consciousness made her heart skip a beat.

Steve shared how he used to drive with Dillon on his lap when he was a child, and Dillon had practiced driving cars into driveways and was a skilled golf cart driver.

Steve also said, “It’s an honor. We’ve got a little hero. He could probably drive one of the cars out of here and be okay. I promise you that.”

Raelyn, Ireta Reeves, Dillion Reeves and Steven applaud Dillon in press confreence on April 27, 2023.
Raelyn, Ireta Reeves, Dillion Reeves, and Steven applaud Dillon in a press conference on April 27, 2023. (Image Source: Detroit News)

However, Ireta later took to Facebook to share that Dillon was struggling to cope with the emotions caused by the incident and was not ready to talk about it yet.

They respect Dillon’s decisions and wait for him to share his story when he is ready.

Numerous parents whose children were present on the school bus also shared their admiration for Dillon, expressing pride in the 13-year-old boy who knowingly or unknowingly saved many lives.

They are grateful that their children were safe, and Dillon’s quick thinking and bravery prevented a potentially disastrous outcome.

Some parents have even called Dillon a role model for their children and are proud that their children could witness such bravery and courage at such a young age.

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Dillon Reeves Sister Raelyn Reeves 

Dillon’s sister Raelyn was also seen at the conferences on Thursday. Raelyn is younger than her brother Dillon, and they share almost four year of age gap. 

Limited information about Raelyn, Dillon’s sister, is available in the public domain. However, it is obvious from various sources that Dillon and Raelyn share a close bond.

In an interview with ABC News, Dillon Reeves parents mentioned that Raelyn was the first person Dillon thought of after the incident, and he was grateful that she was safe.

In Dillon and Raelyn’s relationship, it is clear that Dillon cares for his sister deeply. According to reports, the siblings attended the same school, and Dillon has always been there to take care of his sister.

Michigan seventh-grader Dillon Reeves honored for saving school bus pictured with his sister.
Michigan seventh-grader Dillon Reeves honored for saving school bus pictured with his sister. (Image Source: Yahoo Sports)

Dillon’s actions during the school bus incident demonstrate his commitment to helping others, including his sister and the other students on the bus.

It is clear that Dillon and his family share a close bond, and their values of love, bravery, and doing the right thing have been reflected in Dillon’s actions during the school bus incident.

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