DJ Azex Death

DJ Azex ***** news has been one of the top trending news; he was DJ and music producer based in India. 

DJ Azex, also known as “The SMILING DJ,” was a music producer and live performer from India.

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He was known for getting any crowd moving to his beat, and his collaborators include renowned artists such as JStar and Milind Gaba.

Azex began experimenting with FL Studio at the age of 18. He has improved his abilities through perseverance and hard effort to become an unstoppable artist with exceptional live DJ skills.

His catchy tunes and ability to create electronic explosions earned him several awards for Best DJ in the state.

After his ***** news has been out, people have been curious to learn about the reason behind his *****.

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DJ Azex ***** And Obituary: Did Akshay Kumar Commit Suicide? 

DJ Azex, also known as Akshay Kumar, a famous and prominent DJ in India, was reportedly found dead in his residence in Bhubaneswar under mysterious circumstances.

The investigation is ongoing; the exact ***** cause has not been released. So, we cannot confirm whether he committed suicide or not.

But as per some sources, his family found him hanging in the room, which is yet to get confirmed. 

His family has been cooperating and is waiting for an autopsy to confirm his ***** cause.

Per his family member, Azex was in his room during a thunderstorm when the power went out. 

DJ Azex found dead at residence in Bhubaneswar
DJ Azex was found dead at a residence in Bhubaneswar. (Image Source: Odisha TV)

There was a dangerous thunderstorm and moderate rainfall in different parts of India that day, and power was cut off for a long time. 

When they tried checking on him at around 10 pm, his room was locked, and he did not respond. 

Later, his family found his body hanging in his room; as soon as they saw it, they sent it to the Capital hospital mortuary for further examination.

People have been sending condolence and prayers to his family and friends. Many well-known musicians from India have sent tribute to him. 

DJ Azex Family Details 

Azex was a petite town guy who was born into a middle-class family. He came into the limelight after working with many famous artists. 

Azex did not reveal much information about his family in public. He was very focused on his career path. 

DJ Azex shared a picture from GOVERNMENT COLLEGE KALAHANDI program.
DJ Azex shared a picture from the “GOVERNMENT COLLEGE KALAHANDI” program. (Image Source: Instagram)

He was a talented individual who developed his skills quickly, gained much experience, and had a unique and impressive style.

Additionally, he worked on creating partnerships with international artists and releasing music on established record labels. He performed at several music festivals nationwide.

People often know about his career information, but many are unknown about his personal life as he keeps it private. 

DJ Azex Net Worth At *****

Azex fans are curious to learn about his net worth and career earnings. 

He never revealed that his net worth is public, so according to some data, we can say that he might have a net value of the Indian rupee 50 thousand. 

Azex’s primary source of income was his career as a music producer and DJ. 

Azex’s income would likely be from performing at events and concerts, producing music for other artists, selling his music, and potentially earning royalties from his music being played.

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