DJ Fatxo Arrested

DJ Fatxo became the center of a scandal in March 2023 as a result of claims that he was responsible for Kenyan businessman Geoffrey Mwathi’s *****. So is DJ Fatxo arrested following this case? 

DJ Fatxo, also known as Lawrence Njuguna Wagura, is a Kenyan DJ, artist, musician, businessman, and entrepreneur.

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He has made a name for himself in the Kenyan music scene and is well-known for his outstanding DJ abilities, business acumen, and charitable endeavors.

Fatxo has played at various events and venues in Kenya and beyond. In addition to his music career, he is also involved in various business ventures, including fashion and event management.

The musical artist has also collaborated with other artists in the music industry and is said to be passionate about supporting and promoting Kenyan talent.

Lately, the DJ has been surrounded by several controversies, and people are curious to know his story. Hence, let’s find out if he is arrested or not and much more.

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Is DJ Fatxo Arrested? What Did He Do?

DJ Fatxo became the center of attention in March 2023 as a result of allegations that he was responsible for Kenyan businessman Geoffrey Mwathi’s *****.

The deceased was reportedly last seen with the musical artist before his demise.

Similarly, DJ Fatxo was the talk of the town on Wednesday, 8th March 2023, after Geoffrey, a 23-year-old man, was found unconscious and dead in his home under puzzling circumstances. 

The musician, his driver, and his cousin stated that Geoffrey Mwathi accidentally fell from the tenth floor of  Redwood Apartments on USIU Road, as per the statement at Kasarani Police Station.

DJ Fatxo Arrested
DJ Fatxo has been surrounded by several controversies recently. (Source: Facebook)

On 21st Feb 2023, DJ Fatxo hired Mwathi to update the interior design of his shop and workplace.

The deceased then accompanied the DJ to various nightclubs where he was scheduled to perform after talking with him about the position.

 The DJ, Geoffrey, and three women later arrived at DJ Fatxo’s residence, as seen on CCTV at around 3 am.

Around 4 am, Fatxo and the three women left the residence leaving Mwathi in the home with two other men.

At around 5:30 am, when Geoffrey’s body fell and struck the ground face down, CCTV video also captured the two men observing the building’s ground floor.

The devastated family neglected the suicide theory prepared by the DJ and the two guys, mentioning that Mwathi never regarded taking his own life.

The authorities are still looking into the reports, and no solid proof connecting DJ Fatxo to Mwathi’s ***** has been discovered.

Hence, the musical artist is not arrested while writing this article. 

***** Hoax Debunked: Is DJ Fatxo Dead Or Alive?

Since there has been no official confirmation of DJ Fatxo’s ***** as of the time this piece was written, the answer is that he is still alive. So, the answer to the question, Is He Dead Or Alive? is Alive!

The quick spread of the ***** rumors shocked many followers who were worried about their beloved DJ.

DJ Fatxo Arrested
DJ Fatxo with his loving partner. (Source: Facebook)

Yet, these rumors have since been debunked, as DJ Fatxo is still alive and doing well today. 

He has even agreed to cooperate with the police officials to investigate Mwathi’s ***** case and is confident that he will come clean.

What Is DJ Fatxo’s Net Worth In 2023?

The exact net worth of DJ Fatxo has not been revealed on the web; still considering his shining musical career, we can expect the musical artist to have accumulated a hefty sum.

We wish to see him come clean concerning Geoffrey’s ***** and look forward to hearing his new musical projects.

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