DJ Lastborn

The recent news of DJ Lastborn ***** has shocked the core of netizens, and everyone is trying to know more about the grave incident that took place.

Lastborn passed away in his sleep on Friday, February 3, 2023, at 43, according to his sister Lillian Anyango.

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After having two strokes, popular reggae DJ Benson Ogweno Ouma, also known as DJ Lastborn, has been ill for several years.

His speech & vision were impacted by the second stroke he experienced in 2019. Since that incident, his health has been critical, taking away his life today.

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DJ Lastborn *****: How Did Benson Ouma Die?

On February 3, 2023, DJ Lastborn “Benson Ouma” died. After battling heart disease for several years, Lastborn finally rested peacefully last night.

His sister confirmed the news of his *****. According to her, the seasoned DJ was in excellent spirits when they spoke on Thursday night.

She described how they ended their conversation by asking to go to bed, only to hear about his demise the next day.

On February 3, 2023, DJ Lastborn "Benson Ouma" died
On February 3, 2023, DJ Lastborn “Benson Ouma” died (Source: Citizen Digital)

Ouma’s sister has been caring for him since his stroke in 2017. She stated that there had been significant improvement in his health.

Lillian’s son, Ian, checked on Lastborn early on Friday morning, as he often did, but assumed he was asleep, so he went to a nearby store to buy him supplies.

Lastborn’s caregiver entered the room a few minutes later and noticed that the DJ had remained in the same spot from the previous night.

She immediately called Lillian, who dispatched an ambulance. Oamu wan was declared dead, and his body was transported to Mombasa’s Jocham Funeral Home.

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Family And Music Career Of DJ Lastborn

The 43-year-old DJ had not shared any details about his parents, but he was close to his sister, Lillian Anyango.

DJ Lastborn, also known as Benson Ogweno Ouma, was a Kenyan DJ and producer. He was known for his distinct musical production style, which fused traditional African sounds with modern electronic dance music (EDM).

DJ Lastborn has established himself as a prominent figure in the Kenyan music industry thanks to his musical talent and passion for creating a distinct sound.

The 43-year-old DJ was close to his sister, Lillian Anyango

The 43-year-old DJ was close to his sister, Lillian Anyango (Source: Tuko News)Lastborn amassed a large following and was recognized for his high-energy performances. His music was well-received by audiences across Kenya and beyond.

DJ Lastborn has made a name for himself as a music producer in addition to his DJ career, creating tracks that showcase his musical versatility and range.

He collaborated with other artists and producers in Kenya and internationally and has received critical acclaim for his contributions to the African music scenario.

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What Was The Net Worth Of DJ Lastborn During His *****

While there is no official declaration about DJ Lastborn’s net worth at the time of his *****, some media sources claim it to be 20 million NGN (Nigerian Naira).

Oamu had performed at numerous clubs and music festivals across Kenya, captivating audiences with his dynamic sets and electrifying stage presence.

People worldwide are expressing their heartfelt condolences for losing this energetic soul. Twitter has been flooded with tweets sharing sympathy for DJ Lastborn.

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