Bianca Bustamante Autism

Bianca Bustamante is presently in the spotlight as various news reports circulate about her potential health challenges.

Bianca Bustamante, born on January 19, 2005, in Manila, Philippines, is an accomplished Filipina racing driver.

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She has recently been a part of the prestigious Prema Racing team in the feeder series F1 Academy.

Bianca is also a notable member of the McLaren Driver Development Programme, showcasing her talent and potential in the world of motorsports.

In her debut season, 2023, driving for SJM Theodore PREMA Racing, Bianca has already made a significant impact.

Although she has yet to secure the fastest laps, her prowess on the track has earned her a remarkable four-podium finish.

With a promising career ahead, Bustamante stands out as a rising star in the racing world, representing the Philippines on the international stage.

Nevertheless, there are several news about the athlete, whether she is dealing with autism or any other illness. Let’s get to the root of this rumor to find the truth.

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Illness: Does Bianca Bustamante Have Autism?

Bianca Bustamante, the latest recruit for McLaren and a rising star in the racing world, recently found herself entangled in controversy regarding autism.

Despite not having autism or any other illness herself, she faced backlash after liking a tweet that referred to Aston Martin F1 driver Lance Stroll as autistic.

This incident stirred criticism and heightened scrutiny around Bianca, who had gained popularity following her recruitment by McLaren for the 2024 F1 Academy season.

The controversy emerged when a fan defended her in response to online criticism labeling her “overrated.”

Bianca Bustamante Autism
While Bianca does not have any health issues herself, she faced criticism for liking a tweet calling Lance Stroll autistic (Source: DW)

This criticism made a regrettable comment referring to Lance Stroll as “autism Stroll” and mocking him as a pay driver.

Having liked the insensitive tweet, Bustamante faced swift backlash from the online community.

In response, she initially posted an apology, which she later deleted, and issued a new statement.

Bustamante expressed regret for her actions, apologized to the Autism community, and disclosed that her brother is also affected by the disability.

She clarified that she never intended to disrespect Lance Stroll. This incident highlights the challenges of growing motorsports popularity for Bustamante’s public image.

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How Is The Health Of Bianca Bustamante In 2023?

Bianca Bustamante’s health is in good condition, and she has maintained her well-being in 2023.

Emphasizing a balanced approach, she eats “as healthy as possible” while still indulging in the foods she loves.

Bianca has etched her name in history as the inaugural female racer signed to McLaren’s Driver Development program.

Originating from the Philippines, Bianca began her journey into racing at the young age of 3, and she made history successfully by becoming McLaren’s first female racer.

Breaking barriers, she is poised to follow in the footsteps of legendary champions like Lewis Hamilton and Lando Norris.

Bianca Bustamante Autism
Bianca Bustamante is a part of the prestigious Prema Racing team of the F1 Academy (Source: South China Morning Post)

In a recent interview with the Australian racing website Drive, she shared insights into her challenging journey as a Filipino entering the world of motorsports.

Despite discouragement from relatives and friends, who deemed it the “most unsafe career path ever,” Bianca expressed gratitude for her parents’ unwavering support.

Currently, Bianca, fondly referred to as ‘Bia’ by her fans, has amassed over two million followers on popular social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

This substantial following resonates with millions of citizens of the Philippines who take pride in celebrating her rising stardom in the exclusive world of motorsports.

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