Coco Gauff is a Tennis player

Does Coco Gauff wear a wig? Coco has become a hot topic on the internet after people started noticing her unique hairstyle. Check everything below!

Coco Gauff is a famous American tennis player. Further, she won six WTA Tour singles titles, including a major at the 2023 US Open, eight doubles titles and more. 

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Gauff belongs to parents with NCAA Division I collegiate basketball and track and field backgrounds. In 2018 Coco held the No. 1 junior after winning the junior 2018 French Open singles title. 

The tennis player has a successful playing career as she has also won the junior major doubles title at the 2018 US Open. 

Additionally, Coco made her WTA career debut in March 2019 at the Miami Open. The same year, she participated in the 2019 Wimbledon as a wild card into the qualifying draw. 

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Does Coco Gauff Wear A Wig?

There has been ongoing speculation and curiosity in the media regarding Coco Gauff’s hairstyle, with many people wondering if she wears a wig.

However, there have been no records of Gauff wearing a wig. While this topic has garnered attention and discussions have persisted, she has consistently showcased her natural hair during tennis matches and public appearances.

Coco Gauff hair
Coco Gauff has an amazing hairstyle; Coco with her trophy at US Open, New York. (Source: Instagram)

Meanwhile, it can be said that the topic of Gauff’s wearing a wig into the media without any truth. Being a well-known figure in the tennis world, it’s common for people to ask questions related to one’s personal life.

So, it is common for Coco to face questions about their style and appearance.

Despite all the questions about her hair wig, Coco has not said a single word to the media. So, she seems to ignore all the fake rumors circulating on the web without any facts.

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Is Does Coco Gauff Hair Natural Or Fake?

Coco Gauff’s hair is natural. She has been known for embracing her natural hair texture and has not been reported to wear any fake hairpieces or wigs.

However, Gauff often changes her hairstyles, which may be why fans and followers get confused and speculate that Gauff’s hair may be fake.

Coco Gauff hair style
Coco Gauff’s hair is natural as fans were concerned about it. (Source: Instagram)

Many hairstyles of Gauff can be easily found on the internet as many sources have posted them, which were taken from Coco’s appearance in her games.

These images showcase her versatility in her hair, as Coco has sported different looks, from natural curls to various braided styles, making her a trendsetter and a source of inspiration for many.

Apart from that, Gauff can be followed on Instagram under the username @cocogauff, where she has amassed over 1.5 million followers. From her account, the tennis star also shows her amazing hair.

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All About Coco Gauff Hairstyle

Coco Gauff is known for her cool hairstyles. Besides, loves to show off her natural curly hair, which is a big part of her look.

Sometimes, Gauff switches things up with braided styles, like cornrows or fancy designs, which help keep her hair tidy during tennis games.

Likewise, Gauff often adds accessories like colorful headbands or cool hairpins to make her look even more fashionable.

Coco Gauff hair style
Coco Gauff flaunts a picture with her trophy, showing her unique hairstyle. (Source: Instagram)

She tried to color with the braids in the past, but recently, Gauff styled her hair in intricately woven cornrows that intricately transformed into a bun.

More to this, Gauff’s choice to embrace her natural hair has been seen as an empowering statement, especially for young athletes.

Apart from that, Gauff has been open about her hairstyle. Also, her hairstyle makes headlines, and she has been talked about in some interviews.

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