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Does Finley Boden have a brother? The poor infant was only 10 months old in December 2020 when his abusive parents murdered him.

The parents of Finley Boden have been sentenced to a total of 56 years in jail for the ****** of the 10-month-old. 

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Stephen Boden and Shannon Marsden, a couple with a history of drug addiction, subjected their infant son to unimaginable cruelty that lasted for 39 days.

The baby suffered 130 injuries, including fractures, burn marks, and bruises all over his body, before he died on Christmas Day in 2020.

Despite the family court ruling that they did not pose an unmanageable risk, the couple continued to inflict horrific abuse on Finley in their home in Derbyshire.

The couple had denied the ****** charges but were found guilty in April after the trial. The article here further discusses this case in more detail.

Does Finley Boden Have A Brother?

No, Finley Boden did not have a brother. He was the only son of his abusive parents, Stephen Boden and Shannon Marsden.

During the sentencing at Derby Crown Court, Mrs. Justice Amanda Tipples expressed that neither Marsden nor Boden had shown any remorse for their actions.

The trial was described as harrowing, with emotions running high among the jury as the sentences were passed.

Despite the horrifying abuse inflicted, CCTV footage captured the family seemingly enjoying a festive outing at Chesterfield market the day before his ******.

In total, Finley Boden sustained more than 150 injuries, between December 4 and 22
In total, Finley Boden sustained more than 150 injuries between December 4 and 22 (Source: BBC)

The reality was that the 10-month-old Finley was in excruciating pain and on the brink of *****.

Social services had previously been involved due to concerns over Marsden’s pregnancy, including cannabis use, domestic violence, and their home condition.

Although Finley was initially removed from their care after his birth, he was returned to them in November 2020.

The once-smiling and happy baby endured sadistic and prolonged abuse, ultimately leading to his tragic *****.

He suffered a cardiac arrest, and paramedics were called in the early hours of Christmas Day, but unfortunately, it was too late to save him.

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More On Finley Boden: ***** And Injuries

The prosecutor revealed that Finley Boden suffered vicious and repeated assaults over three weeks while both parents heavily used cannabis.

Furthermore, cannabis was even found in Finley’s blood at his *****. Finley’s cause of ***** was determined to be septicemia, endocarditis, and pneumonia. 

Doctors at the hospital noticed the marks and bruises on Finley’s body, but when questioned, Marsden provided them with various lies.

Upon examination by medical experts, it was discovered that Finley had non-accidental injuries.

These included 46 rib fractures, and 12 other bone fractures, which affected his pelvis, legs, and collar bones.

When the police searched the couple's property, they discovered Finley's clothing and bedding stained with drug paraphernalia
When the police searched the couple’s property, they discovered Finley’s clothing and bedding stained with drug paraphernalia (Source: Derbyshire Times)

Finley had burns on his hand from contact with a hot surface and a cigarette flame.

In addition, there was also tearing inside his mouth caused by a forcefully inserted dummy or bottle.

He also had a spiral fracture to his thigh and a shin bone fracture consistent with being held by the ankle and twisted.

The severity of Finley’s injuries was likened to those sustained from a multi-story fall.

In total, the baby had more than 150 injuries, all of which were inflicted between December 4 and 22, causing him immense pain and suffering.

The multiple fractures impeded his ability to breathe properly, and he developed pneumonia and other infections, ultimately leading to his *****.

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